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We must publicise the benefits of working in local government

Young people are not attracted to local government. The sector has to change that, argues Sandra Dinneen

A model for change

Byron Rhodes argues the need for a shake-up of the local government funding model, and Chris Tambini outlines Leicestershire CC’s radical proposals.

Shared services 10 years on

It’s been 10 years since Adur DC and Worthing BC became the first to share all their services, and ever since there’s been a steady stream of followers. Alex Bailey explains how the union signals more than just budgets savings.

Decreasing Whitehall’s dominance

Lord Porter makes an impassioned case for devolution, arguing local and central government cannot deliver more than the sum of their parts without urgent reform.

Local government has failed to offer a stirring vision of the future

Imagination is needed more than ever in local government, writes Ed Cox.

Authorities must renew focus on scrutiny and risk assessment

The challenge for local authorities is to ensure they can continue to be enterprising, outward-facing, process-light organisations without ever losing that important focus on strong governance and risk awareness, says Michael Burton.

From the archive

Decisions, decisions….

Jane Martin, explains how good public administration can help to ensure the public's confidence in local government.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Carmel McKeogh argues that the fear of being vilified for mistakes is something that has to be eradicated in a culture that must adapt and take on more and more responsitilities

We have a financial mountain to climb

Local government needs to find further cuts – and we may only be 30% through the programme according to some commentators, writes Society of District Council Treasurers president Peter Stuart.