Amanda Kelly

  • The future of social care remains precarious

    10 December 2021

    The adult social care reform White Paper misses the opportunity to resolve the pressing issues of pay and the funding gap to meet demand, says Amanda Kelly of PA Consulting.

  • How digital disruption can deliver better futures

    21 July 2021

    Disrupting youth crime and exploitation through technology provides a chance to find and support the vulnerable and achieve radical change, say Dr Carol Homden, Amanda Kelly and Tim Aldridge.

  • Unlocking care in prisons

    07 July 2021

    The needs of elderly men in the prison population need to be addressed urgently, says government and public sector expert at PA Consulting Amanda Kelly. 'We should question who we are imprisoning and whether there is an alternative', she adds.

  • Prosaic Progress

    03 June 2015

    A ‘dynamic moment’ is needed if the current model for children’s services is to become for effective, writes Amanda Kelly

  • Is a different prescription just a quick fix?

    03 June 2014

    Following public sector outcry at the potential outsourcing of children’s services, Amanda Kelly asks if this poses a more general risk – or whether it will prove to be a case of ‘how good’ over ‘who delivers’