Andrew Burns

Andrew Burns

Andrew Burns is past president of CIPFA
  • Putting our finances on a secure footing

    09 October 2019

    Andrew Burns examines how councils can ensure financial sustainability and put local services on the right path.

  • Is this a sustainable first step away from austerity?

    11 September 2019

    Andrew Burns says the Spending Round sent a strong positive signal, but short- and medium-term questions remain over funding – and the macroeconomic climate does little to put services back on a sustainable long-term path.

  • Progress is being made

    18 July 2018

    Andy Burns looks back on his year as president of CIPFA

  • Achieving financial resilience and sustainability

    05 June 2018

    Andrew Burns outlines three key lessons that need to be learned if local government is to ensure medium-term financial sustainability.

  • Lessons for local government in the wake of Carillion

    06 February 2018

    Andy Burns offers some advice for the sector following the collapse of the outsourcing giant.

  • Andrew Burns: We must be better at justifying our commercial decisions

    10 October 2017

    Andrew Burns outlines some of the key principles enshrined in the upcoming revised CIPFA Prudential Code amid fears the Autumn Budget may restrict councils’ ability to make commercial investments in property, especially outside their own area.

  • Sustainability, collaboration and digital

    12 July 2017

    On becoming CIPFA president, Andrew Burns says he will concentrate on financial sustainability, tighter collaboration between public services and the role of digital developments and automation.

  • Councils must understand the risks of commercial investments

    10 May 2017

    Councils should not take higher commercial risk without the necessary improvement in commercial capabilities, enhanced governance and transparency, writes Andrew Burns.

  • Social care investment is a benefit, not a cost

    05 April 2017

    Andrew Burns says local government will have to explain the positive impacts of investing in social care, rather than focusing on the costs of doing so.

  • Promoting prosperity and inclusive growth

    08 February 2017

    If used to give direction to the UK’s economic growth path, the industrial strategy could spark inclusive and sustainable growth, writes Andrew Burns.

  • Social care doesn't have to be a drag

    06 December 2016

    Ministers need to see the benefits of investing in social care, not the costs of doing so, Andrew Burns explains.

  • Counting down to the Autumn Statement

    18 October 2016

    Andrew Burns explains how next month's Autumn Statement will lay bare the chancellor's vision for local government and public services

  • Improving outcomes for people and places

    13 July 2016

    New Government consultations shows it's business as usual after Brexit, but Andrew Burns says councils have an opportunity to change their thinking on local spending

  • Expect the unexpected

    17 May 2016

    Change is always on the agenda for local government but financial sustainability takes hard work.Andrew Burns explains how officers can deal with the impact of unplanned events

  • Weather the EU storm

    01 April 2016

    While council chief finance officers can't express a view on Brexit, Andrew Burns says they must plan ahead to ensure local economies safely navigate the EU referendum

  • A Budget for pensions?

    10 March 2016

    With the Budget less than one week away, Andrew Burns outlines what local government needs the chancellor to deliver on pensions.

  • There's digital gold in those hills

    10 February 2016

    Andrew Burns considers how analysis of digital data represents a goldmine for local government as the finance settlement fundamentally shifts the agenda

  • Care funding to remedy NHS ills

    10 November 2015

    Andrew Burns examines the need for funding parity between health and care services

  • Investment returns must not be compromised

    20 October 2015

    The announcement that chancellor George Osborne would like to see Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) investments pooled on a regional basis has provoked mixed reactions, writes Andrew Burns.

  • The art of alignment

    01 July 2015

    Andrew Burns introduces a new tool from CIPFA designed to help public sector service providers to better co-ordinate their activities and collective resources.