Claire Kober OBE

Claire Kober OBE

  • Capturing moments of national togetherness

    08 August 2022

    What would be a fitting legacy for the Lionesses’ triumph, asks Claire Kober? She puts forward three ideas.

  • Don't take socially rented homes out of use

    28 June 2022

    Claire Kober says that while home ownership is deeply ingrained in the national psyche, taking socially rented homes out of use is, in her view, not the way to achieve it.

  • A how to guide for new leaders

    18 May 2022

    After the local elections, Claire Kober offers some tips for new leaders navigating political office for the first time.

  • The status quo on oversight of councillors' behaviour isn't acceptable

    05 April 2022

    We are concerned by the threats, intimidation and toxic debate that has come to characterise much of our public discourse, yet the Government is shunning an important opportunity to challenge a manifestation of it, says Claire Kober.

  • For councils the retention challenge is particularly stark

    22 February 2022

    Claire Kober says the chances of a ‘brain drain’ as council staff leave for better pay and prospects (as well as an easier life) in other sectors are undoubtedly real, and she looks at what steps can be taken to mitigate this risk.

  • Trust matters

    11 January 2022

    Claire Kober says that we 'battle the latest phase of a global pandemic, it matters that we have political messengers who are listened to, believed and respected – and whose words inspire action'.

  • We need a long term and strategic approach to funding

    09 November 2021

    The Spending Review 'underlines the desperate need for Government to view local government as a critical component of our state infrastructure, performing a serious role, and to fund it as such', says Claire Kober.