Deven Ghelani

  • Counting the costs of council tax support

    17 August 2021

    Council tax support scheme costs have grown by 16% in London during the pandemic. Deven Ghelani says it’s unclear how councils will cover the rise once Government COVID-related funding comes to an end.

  • Child vulnerability evaluated

    25 November 2020

    Deven Ghelani looks at what more can be done to stop children from falling into crisis, and examines how data can be used to secure better outcomes for the most vulnerable.

  • Councils get faster data insights to boost their COVID-19 recovery

    26 July 2020

    Policy in Practice has secured new funding from Innovate UK, meaning councils will now have access to real-time monthly updates on living standards, says Deven Ghelani. This lays the foundation for a data-led response to COVID-19 challenges, he adds.

  • Let’s look out for our residents

    02 June 2020

    As the lockdown reduces it has never been more important for councils to proactively identify and target support for communities, says Deven Ghelani.

  • Data the key to supporting through UC

    18 September 2019

    As Universal Credit replaces Housing Benefit, local authorities will lose access to the rich data that allows them to target support, warns Deven Ghelani.

  • London councils unite to reveal pockets of poverty

    15 April 2019

    Deven Ghelani outlines how a collaboration involving 18 London boroughs has resulted in a data analysis showing poverty hotspots and how councils might better support families and households under pressure.

  • Measuring poverty to help solve the problem

    23 September 2018

    We need to measure poverty to be able to hold the Government to account and to tackle the problem, argues Deven Ghelani.