Nick Clarke

  • Real value of ‘in-house’ council children’s care

    30 March 2022

    Good quality local authority run children’s homes can not only improve outcomes for young people, but also save councils money over the longer-term, says Nick Clarke. He believes it is the time to increase the scale of provision.

  • Seeing the bigger picture

    12 January 2021

    Combining data in one place to build up a much fuller picture of what is happening within each area from a mental health perspective enables councils to have a comprehensive picture of prevalence, demand and support services, says Nick Clarke.

  • The care costs that will endure

    15 April 2020

    Nick Clarke says the £1.6bn announced by the Government is unlikely to get close to the cost of COVID-19 for councils – and the financial implications for social care in particular will last well beyond the current outbreak.