Professor Colin Copus

Professor Colin Copus

  • Don’t make local elections yet another COVID victim

    03 February 2021

    As we have seen elsewhere, local elections can and have taken place in COVID times, says Professor Colin Copus.

  • In defence of councillors

    17 August 2020

    Councillors are an endangered species, says Professor Colin Copus - and with the charge toward unitarisation, they are likely to be decimated.

  • Return of the unitary bandwagon

    13 March 2018

    Evidence concludes that the case for moving from a two-tier system to a unitary model could not be sustained. So, argue Professors Steve Leach and Colin Copus, why is Whitehall looking at this option for Northamptonshire?

  • Fresh results from the Councillor Commission

    09 November 2016

    Professor Colin Copus reveals some of the early findings from the Councillor Commission and explains what local government can do to further the debate

  • A re-organisation too far

    15 September 2016

    MP Alec Shelbrook’s proposals for local government reform risk destroying the ‘local’ in local government, warns Professor Colin Copus

  • Turbulent times for councillors

    12 April 2016

    Professor Colin Copus gives an update on the lessons learned so far by the De Montfort University and The MJ Councillor Commission, while issuing a new call to local government over evidence

  • Business as usual?

    17 March 2015

    Committed localists will keep an eye on the Rotherham result on 8 May for what it will tell us about local elections as a mechanism for local political accountability, writes Professor Colin Copus

  • Scrutiny: The lion yet to roar

    10 March 2015

    Local councillors not in executive positions need more effective powers to examine local authority business, writes Colin Copus.

  • How Denmark delivers

    27 March 2013

    Graham Allen and Proffesor Colin Copus set out the Danish example in protecting local government from a dominant central source.

  • A declaration of independence and a New Magna Carta.

    16 February 2012

    Colin Copus reports on the launch of a new draft code designed to enshrine local government’s relationship with the centre.