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22 12 Best-Practice Best Practice


  • COVID-19: Making public messages clear in more than 30 languages

    By Adrian Chapman | April 3, 2020

    Members of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s diverse communities have recorded video blogs with crucial COVID-19 public health messages in more than 30 languages so far, says Adrian Chapman.

  • Our social care achievements can't be pinned to one single component

    By Adrian Loades | March 31, 2020

    Andrew Loades outlines the key factors underpinning Redbridge LBC’s high productivity rating and satisfaction scores for adult social care.

  • Our Ofsted journey to outstanding

    By Shaun Davies | March 27, 2020

    Cllr Shaun Davies explains how Telford & Wrekin Council’s Ofsted rating for children’s services leaped from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘outstanding’ due to an innovative approach to investment and a focus on workforce and good practice.

  • Working together in tough times

    By Dr Justin Varney | March 27, 2020

    Director of Public Health at Birmingham City Council Dr Justin Varney outlines how the city is co-ordinating its COVID-19 outbreak response and planning for future challenges.

  • Keeping children and families safe

    By Lou Williams | March 16, 2020

    Lou Williams outlines why she believes the introduction of the Family Safeguarding model in Cambridgeshire will ‘make a real difference to the lives of our most vulnerable children’.

  • Health check

    By Jayne Moules | February 26, 2020

    Jayne Moules outlines how a group of Hartlepool agencies has developed a whole-system approach to reducing the impact of parental conflict on children.

  • Making a difference at ground level

    By Rob Miller | February 26, 2020

    London’s borough of Hackney is unusual in having a single benefits and housing needs service to provide support for vulnerable residents before they become homeless. Rob Miller spent time with colleagues to find out more about how this resource [..]

  • Accelerating growth, ambition and opportunity at Glasgow City Region

    By Kevin Rush | February 25, 2020

    Glasgow City Region is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK. Kevin Rush outlines progress being made by the partnership of eight councils and plans to accelerate growth and investment.

  • One door to a brighter future

    By Stuart Carlton | February 14, 2020

    North Yorkshire is working with other councils to share its No Wrong Door model to address young people’s needs. Stuart Carlton explains the approach, and says that developing NWD in a new place is not a simple process of ‘lift and shift’

  • Neighbourhood watch

    By Jackie Sadek | February 14, 2020

    Jackie Sadek outlines how an ambitious extension to the market town of Biggleswade is set to transform the area and provide a template for planned communities supporting an existing town centre.

  • LGBT plus Allies Scheme proving to be a vital lifeline

    By Professor Jim McManus | February 14, 2020

    A growing network of ‘rainbow allies’ are part of ensuring Hertfordshire CC creates a safe, diverse and supportive working environment, says Professor Jim McManus.

  • Sharing our specialist local plan know-how

    By Richard Kay | February 11, 2020

    Many councils simply lack the staff to prepare a local plan, but Richard Kay outlines how Peterborough City Council tackled this by deciding to share its spare capacity, providing important expertise to other councils.