Private Sector


You may have missed

The hot commodity in housing

George Agyemang of Penna looks at the rising demand for interims in development, planning and regeneration.

Making the most of the Localism Act

Penna's Pete John looks at the skills local authorities need to ensure success with the rise of wholly-owned companies.

Big data, big opportunity

Dr Andrew Larner says it would be impossible for councils to ignore the increasing wave of big data - and embracing the change seems to be at the forefront of local authority evolution.

Improvement and innovation at your fingertips

Dr Andrew Larner says iESE has developed an improvement and innovation model to support exchange of the latest local government practice that is inclusive and easy to use.

A fair care package at a fair price with fair wages

Dr Andrew Larner says it is more important than ever to understand whether a fair price is being paid for a package of care that is fair to the service user

Not rejected but re-directed

Nick Cole explores the important role of constructive feedback in executive search and selection

From the archive

Environmental deal struck by councils

Tewkesbury BC has agreed to join the local authority company Ubico, which is owned by Cheltenham BC and Cotswold DC.

Lloyds buys Birmingham’s NEC for £300m

Birmingham City Council has sold the NEC Group to the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group for more than £300m.

Priority Streets scheme extended

Bradford MBC is extending its Priority Streets scheme to encourage businesses to grow in the city centre.