Cardwell’s well chilled

02 September 2020

Tongues have been wagging among ex-colleagues of Peter Cardwell after he announced he was writing a book on his three-and-a-half-year stint as a special adviser.

People who worked with Mr Cardwell at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government are keen to hear his account though there have already been private complaints about the £20 price tag.

‘Bit steep,’ muttered one former colleague.

Diary’s favourite story from when Mr Cardwell was SpAd to James Brokenshire as communities secretary is one you can have for free, as told by a one-time co-worker: ‘When Peter joined he brought with him his own mini-fridge for his office to hold his endless supply of Diet Coke.

'Then he got one of the SpAd assistants to draft up a certificate that said something like “to certify that x has been awarded one Brokey Cokey for excellent work”.

'When someone in the press office killed a negative story he would come round and present them with said certificate and a Diet Coke.’

Maybe Mr Cardwell will be able to splash out on a full-size fridge after his book launches next month.

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