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Greater Manchester will move into Tier 3 as talks collapse

Greater Manchester will move into Tier 3 as talks collapse

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Greater Manchester will head into Tier 3 restrictions on Friday after talks with local leaders broke up without a deal.

Hammond: COVID has sealed the fate of centralism

The COVID crisis has ‘sealed the fate’ of centralised public services in the UK, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has warned.

Council housing to return to met

Senior Kirklees MBC councillors have approved plans to transfer the management and maintenance of the borough’s council housing back to the local authority.

Care workers gained autonomy in pandemic

Care workers benefited from extra ‘autonomy’ from commissioners during the COVID-19 lockdown, MPs heard today.

Fears over growing data regulation

Finance chiefs warn public sector will suffer due to misuse of data by private firms.

Stannard named new chief at Salford

Salford City Council has named Tom Stannard as its new chief executive, replacing Jim Taylor who will retire at the end of January.

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Healthy Relationships Week: local progress in tackling parental conflict

Greater Manchester will move into Tier 3 as talks collapse

To mark the start of Healthy Relationships Week, Virginia Ghiara of the Early Intervention Foundation shines a spotlight on local progress in tackling parental conflict.

Coming together whilst staying apart

In the midst of a global pandemic, Boston BC and East Lindsey DC signed off on their strategic alliance. The benefits are already coming to the fore despite the challenges, says Rob Barlow.

Is there a local government blueprint?

If the sector misplaces its energies into structural reform, the point of what matters most may be missed, says Nathan Elvery. He argues that local government should perhaps instead select what works, and shape places and enable lives accordingly.

The power of small things

Elinor Ostrom was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in economics. Simon Kaye argues that her ‘criminally neglected’ work could be a ‘call-to-action for a new type of society that prioritises local democracy and autonomous communities’.

Seeing social care through a different lens

Social care is much more than elderly people and hospital discharges, says Cllr David Fothergill. Many people are working-age adults with severe learning disabilities, and the Government needs to widen its scope of what care encompasses.

Councils’ bonding role in relationships

Since the start of the pandemic, 10 million more citizens are spending time each week helping their neighbours, says Tony Clements. He looks at councils’ ‘important but nuanced role’ in sustaining this activity.

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Best Practice

Helping staff speak up on gambling

Helping staff speak up on gambling

Wigan MBC is the first local authority in the country to sign a charter pledging to support employees struggling with gambling. Alison Mckenzie-Folan explains why the council is leading the way.


Tiers of trouble

Tiers of trouble

More than half of England’s population is now living under high or very high-alert postcode COVID-19 restrictions. Ann McGauran asks if the new measures are sufficient, and looks at their impact on centre-local relations.

Private sector

Five ways the cloud can safeguard our NHS

Steve Haines, Managing Director, PSC Health & Care, Civica, discusses the impact of rising cyber attacks and shows five ways the cloud offers the NHS more peace of mind

Protecting and connecting our over-70s

Local authorities have played a vital role in keeping citizens safe during the pandemic, says Civica's Tony Hughes. By factoring the over-70s more into digital thinking, local bodies can further keep them safe and connected, he adds.

Kent councils take back control of housing stock

Four councils in east Kent have taken back control of housing management services.