EXCLUSIVE: Councils offered second chance to claim housing cash

EXCLUSIVE: Councils offered second chance to claim housing cash

Civil servants have issued a last-minute invitation for councils to claim cash from a fund that has suffered from poor take up by local authorities.

Ukrainian homelessness likely to rise

The risk of homelessness among Ukrainians in the UK is likely to increase as arrangements with sponsors end or break down, MPs have warned.

Council rejects tax freeze offer

Argyll and Bute Council has become the first to reject the Scottish Government’s council tax freeze.

Birmingham 'worse' than commissioners feared

The situation in Birmingham City Council is worse than commissioners expected, a report to the secretary of state has claimed.

Tower Hamlets faces Best Value inspection

A Best Value inspection is to take place at Tower Hamlets LBC, the Government has announced.

Nottingham commissioners appointed

Commissioners have been appointed at Nottingham City Council amid Government concerns at the authority’s pace of recovery.

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‘There’s no national growth without local growth’

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EXCLUSIVE: Councils offered second chance to claim housing cash

With an eye on the upcoming Budget and the General Election, Greg Clark outlines why local government must have a prominent place in any plan for UK economic growth.

A Faer Point

Following last week’s by-election results, Martin Tucker ponders the electoral changing of the guard that underpins our democratic local government system.

Decarbonisation: from planning to action

Lack of capacity on the electricity grid can present a significant barrier to local authorities’ net zero goals. Ben Taylor explains how partnering with a decarbonisation expert can help to provide the best chance of success.

How can we plan for the future of urban regeneration?

With public funding for development down and expectations up, Nick Walkley says the future of regeneration will need new forms of collaboration across sectors.

T’is the season!

The possibility of a UK Parliamentary General Election on 2 May combined with local polls is the plan causing most concern in the electoral sector, says Peter Stanyon.

Housing Revenue Accounts – what questions should you be asking?

Martin Walker of Local Partnerships says the answer to the question which councils should be asking themselves – ‘should we be reopening an HRA’ – will depend on local context and circumstances, rather than a preconceived policy position.

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Best Practice

From 0 to hero on net zero

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From 0 to hero on net zero

Barnet’s latest Climate Scorecard rating shows what can be achieved in 18 months, including the creation of a citizens’ and young people’s assembly, writes Yogita Popat.


The search for the Holy Grail of growth

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The search for the Holy Grail of growth

In an exclusive interview, Lord Heseltine, the longstanding advocate of elected mayors, tells Michael Burton why powerful, devolved local government is essential for delivering the growth agenda.

Private sector

EDI – more than just letters

For recruiters it is more important than ever to ensure your equality, diversity and inclusion approach is clear and deep-rooted in your organisation, as Anj Popat and Jo Major explain.

View from the Hill

While the opportunities are there, a considered and well supported step up is crucial for thriving in the demanding yet rewarding world of local government, says Greg Hayes.

Changing lanes

Peter O’Driscoll asks why moving to an open market model for parking is the right choice for councils.