Grenfell fire council to discuss blaze in private

Grenfell fire council to discuss blaze in private

Senior members of the council heavily criticised over its response to the Grenfell Tower fire will discuss the blaze behind closed doors.

BREAKING: Fuller beats Saint to DCN role

South Norfolk DC leader, Cllr John Fuller, has thrashed his rival in the two-horse race to become the chairman of the District Councils’ Network (DCN).

Fire council chief steps down after 'pressure from Javid'

Kensington & Chelsea RLBC chief executive, Nicholas Holgate, has resigned following criticism over the council’s response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

100% business rates retention legislation dropped

The Local Government Finance Bill has been dropped from the legislative programme, leaving plans for business rates retention in limbo.

Investment ‘key to capital expenditure’

Commercial investment by councils to generate income is a key factor in the upward trend in capital expenditure in the last year, according to a new Department for Communities and Local Government report.

Council moves to generate income

Test Valley BC expects to rake in £1.3m from a project to generate additional income this financial year.

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Terror, a tragedy and a lost reputation

Grenfell fire council to discuss blaze in private

The last few weeks have seen Britain hit by terror attacks and now the Grenfell Tower fire. The horror of watching an inferno, knowing there are people inside, will stay with us all for years to come.

Carter vs Simmonds: Why I want to be LGA Tory leader

Local Government Association Conservative Group leadership candidates, Kent CC leader Paul Carter and Hillingdon LBC leader David Simmonds, outline their top priorities.

Lessons from the ashes of Grenfell

As a tribute to those who have died at Grenfell, we should embark on well-constructed, good standard, mass housebuilding for all, writes Claire Fox.

We need a public inquiry into our national politicians

Occasionally a crisis will happen that exposes our trust in the competence of politicians to be entirely optimistic, writes Michael Burton.

We can help you achieve your objectives, Westminster

Jo Miller looks at the current state of the state and argues local government could make best use of the public purse because it understands the unintended consequences of Westminster policies.

To cut the arts or not to cut the arts? There is no question

Arts, culture and heritage are often among the first services to be scrapped, but John O'Brien highlights their importance not just for residents and visitors but for budgets, too.

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Best Practice

The re-balancing act

The re-balancing act

Cornwall was already making strides to re-shape its economy before the UK voted to leave the EU. One year on, despite the threat of European structural funds vanishing, Kate Kennally says Brexit is a catalyst for progress to continue apace


A matter of trust

A matter of trust

Steve Crocker and Chris Whitehouse explain how the Isle of Wight, through its partnership with neighbouring Hampshire CC, has delivered dramatic improvements to its formerly failing services for children - without the need for a trust.

Private sector

The varying models of local authority trading companies

Garfield Cameron highlights some of the best examples of local authority trading companies, but warns there is no singular model that will work for all.

The search for commercial minds and social hearts

While housing associations don’t always have the big salaries to offer, they do have great social and moral purpose and challenging work to offer, write Steven Burleigh and Ruth Lane.

Councils plan to launch more housing companies

Nearly seven out of 10 councils already have or are thinking about launching a housing company either on their own or in partnership, a survey has found.