Finance concerns grow in wake of Grenfell

Finance concerns grow in wake of Grenfell

Council finance directors are growing increasingly concerned about the impact of the Grenfell Tower fire on their budgets.

Equal pay ruling in favour of Glasgow City Council overturned

Glasgow City Council will look into making payments to potentially thousands of women workers after a court ruling suggested that the council might have been paying them less than their male colleagues. 

Call for more women in local government

Council leaders have admitted that the move towards gender balance in local government should be made at a ‘faster pace’.

Financial uncertainty forcing councils to award shorter contracts

The Government should offer subsidised loans to cash-strapped councils to encourage them to award longer contracts to organisations that support children with mental health difficulties, a think-tank has urged.

Councils call for post-Brexit procurement reforms

Council leaders have called on the Government to ‘simplify’ the current rules on how local authorities buy goods and services once the UK has exited the EU.

Council wins court battle days after Gove intervention

Sheffield City Council has won a court battle against people protesting about its tree-felling programme.

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The road ahead for managing social care

Finance concerns grow in wake of Grenfell

Sean Nolan looks at the conflicts ahead for the social care green paper and outlines some of the key approaches CIPFA will be investigating.

The Government has to address its housing policy

Heather Jameson says it is time the Government stopped burying its head in the sand on complex social issues - especially in the wake of Grenfell.

Exploring new methods to bridge the funding gap

How can councils develop the right commercial skills across their organisation and broker successful partnerships that make financial sense, asks Paul Bradbury.

Planning has never been under more scrutiny by applicants and objectors

John Fuller lays out the District Councils' Network's planning demands.

The age of austerity isn’t over yet

Those who think the Government’s change of rhetoric on public funding spells a bold end to years of austerity should guess again, warns Dan Corry.

Making a digital mark

The social media genie has long since been let out of the bottle. Phil Drury explains how Boston BC is harnessing platforms like Twitter to engage with residents and protect the council’s reputation.

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Best Practice

Building a better community in Bolsover

Building a better community in Bolsover

Ann Syrett reveals how Bolsover DC has worked with partners to turn previous negative news coverage on its head and build resilience in its communities.


The children below the threshold

The children below the threshold

A new Action for Children report warns of a worrying trend that could be leaving as many as 140,000 children and young people without the help they need. Sam Clayden reports.

Private sector

Norse Group profits plunge by £1.8m

Norfolk CC’s wholly-owned company Norse Group’s underlying profits fell by nearly £1.8m in the last financial year despite an increase in turnover.

Westminster councillor defends authority's PR firm

A Westminster City Council member has hit back at a national newspaper after it claimed that the authority's arms-length communications firm clashed with its role as a local authority.

‘Involve small firms in devo deals,’ CAs told

Combined authorities need to take small firms with them in any devolution deal-making, the Federation of Small Business (FSB) has urged.