West of England Combined Authority announces chief

West of England Combined Authority announces chief

The West of England Combined Authority has appointed Stephen Peacock as its chief executive.

Scots government 'unlikely' to create equal pay body

Scottish Government ministers are unlikely to establish a national equal pay unit, despite calls from the trade union that led to strikes over the snowballing issue. 

Wirral assurance panel ‘no longer required’

Wirral MBC’s Independent Assurance Panel (IAP) has officially stood down after declaring it was ‘no longer required’.

Asylum seekers moved from RAF Wethersfield due to incomplete safety checks

The Home Office has moved 70 people away from an asylum accommodation site after it failed to complete necessary safety checks on time.

Watchdog tells Falkirk to confront 'difficult decisions'

Falkirk Council faces ‘difficult decisions’ to bridge a budget gap of tens of millions, according to Audit Scotland.

Betts backs Homes England review

Parliament’s housing committee chair has backed calls to remove some responsibilities from Homes England so the agency can focus on affordable housebuilding and regeneration.

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Help councils unlock their true power

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West of England Combined Authority announces chief

With LGA plans for a local government White Paper gathering pace, Lord Bichard reiterates the importance of councils being afforded a genuine partnership with central government – something he feels the next government must establish as a matter of [..]

Ready or not?

As a new regulatory regime gets underway for social housing, Peter Hubbard and Claire Ward offer five tips to support public and private sector registered providers.

Transforming social housing: The task ahead for council teams

Now that the new social housing regulatory regime is in place, housing teams are embracing the challenge as an opportunity for positive change despite the immense pressure councils face, says Caroline Green.

Today’s choices, tomorrow’s impact

May’s elections will be extremely consequential for the local government sector, and the impact of voters’ choices should be examined not just as a straw in the wind for the General Election, says Simon Kaye.

Putting finance on the devolution to-do list

Seeking real fiscal autonomy for local government at times feels as elusive as the end of a rainbow, says Alison Griffin.

The will to win in Wilts

Wiltshire Council was the setting for the latest round of the Local Government Challenge, which focused on ways to support residents through the cost of living crisis. Viola Owembabazi reports.

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Best Practice

Doing things differently

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Doing things differently

In the face of never-ending pressures councils are continuing to seek out ways to do things differently. But beneath the inevitable positivity is there a negative side to differentiation which could weaken prospects for councils? Paul Marinko [..]


Healing the sector’s crisis with respect

Healing the sector’s  crisis with respect

As veteran leader Ruth Dombey steps down at the Lib Dem’s longest-held council she makes a plea for a ‘grown-up’ relationship between Whitehall and town halls. Paul Marinko reports.

Private sector

The importance of brand in the search for talent

Steve Wilson of Commercial Services Group says councils can start to build a true talent pipeline if they can develop their own employer value proposition.

Greening public services

GLL’s Chris Hebblewhite reveals progress on the co-op’s five year sustainability strategy.

The war for leadership talent

Are we winning the war or losing the battle? Toni Hall and Julie Towers share their experience as the pattern of leadership recruitment within the sector ebbs and flows