Counting the cost of Grenfell

Counting the cost of Grenfell

Government pressed for ‘emergency funds’ as local authorities face mounting costs in aftermath of Grenfell fire.

Cadman takes on Combined Authority post

Suffolk CC chief executive Deborah Cadman has been hired as the new chief for the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Government criticised over Right to Buy

Council homes are being sold off almost three times faster than local authorities can replace them, research has revealed.

Tensions rise as NHS fines 22 councils for bed-blocking

The NHS has fined at least 22 councils for bed-blocking and threatened 11 others with charges amid escalating tensions between health and care.

Sykes beats House to LGA Lib Dem role

A councillor who promised to bring a ‘no-nonsense approach’ to the role has been elected leader of the Local Government Association’s Lib Dem group.

Grenfell fire council to discuss blaze in private

Senior members of the council heavily criticised over its response to the Grenfell Tower fire will discuss the blaze behind closed doors.

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Preventing the spread of extremism

Counting the cost of Grenfell

Prevent manager Waqar Ahmed delivers a reality check for the much-maligned counter-extremism initiative, arguing that while there are challenges to the programme, it has helped thwart potential attacks.

Where does the buck stop?

In the wake of the resignation of Kensington & Chelsea RLBC’s chief executive over the handling of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Blair McPherson asks important questions about the nature of responsibility.

Community capacity and the role of the state

Most council transformation plans feature a section on ‘community capacity building,’ but what does that mean and how should it be done? Graham Duxbury explains

Local government has been left in limbo

A lack of finance reform legislation may give local government the chance to craft a better solution for the future of funding, writes Heather Jameson.

Business rate as an income base requires more thought

local government needs to be realistic about the feasibility of relying on business rate for its funding into the future, argues Michael Burton.

Succession planning for a fast-changing future

Jody Goldsworthy urges councils to prepare for the future as leadership roles begin to change and local authorities set out to find the next generation.

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Best Practice

Watering the seed of a stronger local democracy

Watering the seed of a stronger local democracy

The recommendations in the Kirklees Democracy Commission could help shape how both local and national democracy could develop over the next decade, writes Carl Whistlecraft.


Local Government Finance Bill: A big let-down for the sector

Local Government Finance Bill: A big let-down for the sector

With a parliamentary agenda lacking much in terms of legislation for the next two years aside from a series of Bills aimed at delivering a ‘smooth and orderly’ Brexit, Sam Clayden reports on the sector’s reaction to last week's Queen's Speech.

Private sector

The varying models of local authority trading companies

Garfield Cameron highlights some of the best examples of local authority trading companies, but warns there is no singular model that will work for all.

The search for commercial minds and social hearts

While housing associations don’t always have the big salaries to offer, they do have great social and moral purpose and challenging work to offer, write Steven Burleigh and Ruth Lane.

Councils plan to launch more housing companies

Nearly seven out of 10 councils already have or are thinking about launching a housing company either on their own or in partnership, a survey has found.