Now is the time to rebuild the union

By Heather Jameson | 07 May 2015
  • Heather Jameson

As the UK heads to the polls today, it feels less like we are a single nation and increasingly like we are a collection of people subjected to a policy of divide and rule by our political parties in a bid to squeeze out the last few votes from the electorate – but at what cost?

Immigration has been on the agenda for a few years now.

First the BNP ramped up the political capital of fears over immigration.

While support for the party waned pretty quickly, the legacy of immigration as a potential vote-winner has remained.

But this time round, the theme for the election seems to be focusing far more on an inter-UK xenophobia.

From the moment the ballot boxes closed on the Scottish independence referendum, the gloves were off when it came to ripping apart the union.

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