Now is your time to be heard

By Nick Kilby | 12 July 2022

The Government may have been thrown into turmoil by the Prime Minister's demise, but this could be an exciting opportunity for local government to be heard, says Nick Kilby

I know it was riveting stuff, hour by hour the resignations came and we watched the slow death of the Boris Johnson premiership and already the drama has moved to who will replace him.

As all this was going on, the work of government was grinding to a halt, parliament continued to debate and consider new legislation but much has now been lost and the new leader is likely to devise a new mandate and legislative programme for September onwards.

So local government, what are you going to do between now and September? Do any of the candidates for Conservative Leadership care about Local Government? Do they know what essential services councils deliver? And do they have any idea what Local Government is capable of doing for them, if they were to ask the sector?

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