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By Toni Hall | 18 August 2021

The last 18 months has taught us a lot – not least, the power of community and how brilliant we are at helping each other when times are tough. It also exposed that even the most resilient and confident of people – when faced with uncertainty – need support.

Working as an interim manager can be a lonely place in the good times, never mind when a global pandemic stops the world in its tracks. It quickly became apparent back in March 2020 that the interim community was feeling lonelier and more adrift. Without the benefit of the ‘corporate family’ or the networking events many relied on where could they get the support that the rest of us perhaps take for granted? How could their fears be allayed, and how could they share them in a safe place?

People need people! We knew we could help. Using a packed calendar of one-to-one sessions, group mental health support webinars, career guidance sessions, interview training, evening drinks via video and putting interims in touch with each other, we provided the support many were lacking.

Thank you to our clients who recognised interim managers were key to success, and ensured they were engaged and supported while on assignment. We were delighted to be voted as one of the leading executive interim providers in the recent 2021 Institute of Interim Management Survey and have our consultants ranked in the top ten for the last ten years. We hope it’s because we’re all about relationships and the power of community.

Toni Hall is director, public sector executive interim, at Penna

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