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By Julie Towers and Toni Hall | 13 October 2021

Penna, the Local Government Association and The MJ will soon publish their annual Chief Executive Survey. The findings shed light on chief’s experiences and learnings over the past 18 months. Here is a sneak preview of what we know so far. Full results will be published on 1 December.

‘I have learned in the past 12 months how important local government is to people’s lives, particularly in times of crisis and how we’re going to use this to redefine our relationship with the people we serve and the services we provide.’

Interestingly, fewer chief executives are planning on a career move right now, as opposed to pre-COVID times, when 52% stated they were actively looking. Reasons to stay put have included wanting to maintain stability and guide their organisation through one of the most challenging times in history. Will this change post- COVID?

The survey similarly touches upon central-local government relations. ‘There is a general feeling of local government not being fully trusted to deliver, despite our performance during COVID being exceptional.’

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, 44% say that some progress has been made, but clearly there’s more to do. It also makes clear that chief executives are grappling with transformation, recruitment challenges and adapting staff working practices, with increased emphasis on organisational development and flexible working.

The full results will offer insight, ideas and food for thought.

Julie Towers is managing director and Toni Hall is director, interim, at Penna



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