What makes senior leadership teams great?

By Julie Towers | 19 August 2020

Penna has supported and judged the Senior Leadership Team category at The MJ Awards for many years. It is always a humbling experience hearing about the pioneering projects and people in councils countrywide.

And, although we won’t know the winner until 2 October, here’s a round-up of the uniting leadership factors of the five councils shortlisted: Calderdale, West Lindsey, Isle of Wight, South Stafford-shire and Great Yarmouth. Congratulations to all of them.

1. Pride in their place

From Great Yarmouth’s work with local stakeholders on seafront regeneration to the pride of Calderdale in tackling local flash flooding, the commitment to their communities and place is palpable.

2. Collaboration as a cornerstone

Siloed working is the biggest barrier to achievement and a disjointed approach creates negative resident impressions. The Isle of Wight team has collaborated strongly to increase communications, foster a great culture and empower staff as well as positively change resident perceptions.

3. Getting the basics right

No council can claim greatness without strong foundations – something which South Staffordshire achieved in their ‘One Team, One Council’ approach; from healthy finances to robust statutory services and reliable election teams.

Clear individual leadership by politicians and officers was evident in our five shortlisted councils. And we are seeing the importance of this through the lens of our aspiring chief executives as four alumni have now taken on a chief executive role following the programme.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programme, please get in touch at aspiringchiefexecutive@penna.com

Julie Towers is managing director of Penna


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