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22 June 2022

Enterprise Ireland is the innovation and development agency of the Irish Government and will be attending the Local Government Association (LGA) conference in Harrogate (27-30 June) with clients Zipp Mobility, AICO, Archway, Inakalum, and Informa.

We understand the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing for mutual benefit, particularly where Irish companies work with UK local authorities establishing a footprint in the region and contribute to the growth of UK economy. With more than 100,000 jobs created by Irish companies throughout the UK and four out of five Irish companies doing business in the UK, our clients are contributing to UK economic growth and setting up a local presence is a trend that we encourage.

Local authority sector initiatives include our Social Value Programme and our UK Net Zero campaign which includes educating our clients on the importance of social value and net zero So when our clients are working with UK councils, they are supporting their economic, social and environment commitments.

Looking at the companies Enterprise Ireland is supporting at the LGA conference, Zipp Mobility are one of Europe’s leading shared e-scooter and e-bike operators and operate in five locations across the UK. They are working with Buckinghamshire Council to run shared e-scooter schemes in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Princes Risborough, and with Somerset West and Taunton Council they have operations in Taunton and Minehead.

Zipp are actively looking for more local authorities to partner with on shared micro mobility schemes. If you are interested in seeing a proposal on how shared e-bikes or e-scooters could help your local authority reduce its carbon footprint, visit Zipp on stand Q10.

Aico are the European market leader in home life safety, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms, developed and manufactured in Ireland. All Aico alarms meet UK standards and offer a variety of sensor types to guarantee protection for every home, the cornerstone of which is delivering education, quality, service and innovation. Their SmartLINK Gateway provides real time data into the status of Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems and they have expanded their Connected Home offering through HomeLINK. Using IoT technology such as HomeLINK environment sensors, landlords can capture a detailed picture of how well their housing stock is performing, making homes more efficient, sustainable and safer. Find out more on stand Q70.

Archway Products Ltd is celebrating 20 years of providing road repair services to local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales as well as selling the renowned Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching machine. The specialised state of the art Roadmaster is designed and manufactured by Archway Products Ltd in Ireland since 1990. Archway loves to solve problems and has spent 30 years understanding the issues affecting road engineers across Europe. Archway Roadmaster UK Ltd is based in Scunthorpe, providing nationwide contracting and hire service to more than 60 local authorities. Find out how the Roadmaster as a one-man operation, enhances productivity, is cost effective and efficient and has a much lower carbon footprint than alternative solutions for your council at stand Q25.

Inakalum provides a high-quality geospatial dataset solution for local authorities to identify and track their assets. They have spent five years developing their product in consultation and collaboration with local authorities.

Inakalum surveys include local authority street assets and all places in the public domain. Never before has there been a single geospatial data source which contains all of the street assets, public services and amenities, and everything else in the public domain, including hospitality, retail, entertainment, healthcare, sports, professional services, education, community, leisure, religious services, and so on. Visit Inakalum’s stand (Q95) and see the 30k datapoints which they gathered for Newcastle City Council.

Informa are an information management company providing cloud solutions for the management of complex disclosures in the UK and Ireland. Informa’s cloud solutions are designed to optimise on all phases of complex disclosures whether that’s FOIs, SARs, EIR, Discovery, Litigation Support or Third-Party requests.

Informa offers machine learning technology designed to deliver efficiencies and improve performance. The platform allows your team to work collaboratively and manage the identification, collection, review, redaction, and publishing of your disclosures with full audit. If your local authority manages disclosures for a diverse range of legal purposes, then Informa are the people you want to speak with. You’ll find them on stand Q37.

Enterprise Ireland will host a reception on Tuesday 28th June in Harrogate, to provide an opportunity to meet all of the clients we are supporting at the LGA conference. If you would like to attend, please contact Laura Brocklebank and if you are unable to attend, we would be delighted to meet you during the week. Please contact Laura.Brocklebank@enterprise-ireland.com.

Our goal is to build successful, long-term relationships between UK local authorities and Irish partners. We support Irish companies to work with UK local authorities to support their shared objectives, deliver value and improve the lives of residents.

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