Boards of the future will be more diverse

By Charles Wilson | 05 May 2021

At Penna Enterprise, we deliver non-executive and executive leadership recruitments into the public sector commercial trading space and organisations operating between the public and private sector. Through our work we see positive change happening at pace.

As the UK moves forward with its vaccination programme and a general renewed optimism, organisations have more time to think strategically again. The past year has meant a more intense internal focus, as well as trying to deliver to customers.

The impact of the pandemic, Brexit and other forces has also meant a reflection on the make-up of boards. There is a greater spotlight from the public on the values and ethics of organisations, as well as their social and community impact. There is also a greater focus in terms of actions needed to support recovery from the pandemic and on levelling up.

Board structures are rightly being actively reviewed, skills gaps analysed and questioned on inclusivity, as well as governance. Diversity, in all forms, including cognitive diversity, is informing every conversation on the make-up of boards and executive teams, and for the public-private interface the continued need for commercial expertise that can add value to arm’s-length bodies to ensure they are successful and fit-for-purpose.

Boards of the future will be more diverse and more reflective of society, the shareholders and the customers they serve.

Organisations are rightly looking to the future and adapting, and so too are the boards that hold them to account.

Charles Wilson is director, executive recruitment at Penna Enterprise

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