County approves hybrid model of working for staff

By Laura Sharman | 19 July 2021

Nottinghamshire County Council will adopt a hybrid model of flexible working from October.

The council’s Hybrid Working Strategy, which will be fully rolled out across the authority by the end of October, will vary depending on the service, team, and individual involved.

The council said the move will increase productivity and efficiency, reduce the authority’s carbon footprint, support a better work/life balance for employees, and improve staff retention and recruitment.

Cllr Ben Bradley, leader of the council, said: Working more flexibly in a hybrid model will increase our efficiency and effectiveness and improve the productivity of employees.

'Also, by working differently, it will enable us to be closer to our communities and work with them to ensure that our services are accessible and designed and delivered to meet the needs of residents in the best way possible.

'I want Nottinghamshire County Council to lead the way, by showing how local governments can adapt, to offer better value for the taxpayer, and serve residents in a smarter, greener way.'

The council said that around 3.5 million fewer miles were travelled while staff worked from home during the pandemic, reducing travel costs by around £1.6m and cutting carbon emissions by around 1,000 tonnes in the same period.

Photo: Alan Murray-Rust / Geograph

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