• Promising findings from social work pilots

    19 August 2019

    Devolving budgets to frontline workers to directly support families could reduce the likelihood of children going into care, pilots have found.

  • CIPFA index 'must be forward-looking'

    19 August 2019

    The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) must double down on efforts to include indicators that are forward-looking in its financial resilience index, a senior sector figure has suggested.

  • Jenrick to check councils' borrowing bids

    19 August 2019

    New local government secretary Robert Jenrick will take a fresh look at councils excessively borrowing for commercial reasons, The MJ understands.

  • Redbridge goes it alone after parting with Amey

    15 August 2019

    Redbridge LBC has ended a 12-year relationship with Amey to establish its own waste company.

  • Under pressure

    14 August 2019

    The tragedy of local government is that over a decade of pressure, the urgent has crowded out the important and the big picture has been obscured by the struggle to survive. Dr Jonathan Carr-West asks: how do we move from ‘better’ to ‘different’?

  • Can't we keep things simple?

    14 August 2019

    Gary Fielding would much rather get his finance team off the accounts as quickly as possible and 'engaged in helping to provide financial management'.

  • Uncertainty does not bode well for the settlement

    14 August 2019

    Michael Burton says 'the prosaic matter of local government finance seems to be taking a back seat'. Will new chief secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak finally be able to deliver on his February promise 'to get more certainty'?

  • Tourism levy meeting call

    13 August 2019

    Core Cities has called for a meeting with new culture secretary Nicky Morgan and her ministers to discuss the idea of a hotel room levy.

  • Going local on tax raising

    13 August 2019

    Boris Johnson has promised to grant more powers to local government, but has been silent on how to finance them. Alistair Jones argues it’s time to use some imagination.

  • Council chief calls for reform of emergency flood funds

    12 August 2019

    A council hit by heavy flooding has called for the system of Government support to be overhauled.

  • Government stands firm after Pickles plea

    12 August 2019

    The Government has said it ‘would not be appropriate’ to pay legal costs to whistleblowers in electoral fraud cases despite a former communities secretary revealing he fought for it to happen.

  • Local audit at a 'crossroads'

    12 August 2019

    Local audit is at a ‘crossroads’ and needs to provide ‘better assurance and more impact for the public,’ Grant Thornton has said.

  • Red card shown to traffic light rating

    12 August 2019

    Controversial plans to issue a traffic light rating for every councils’ financial sustainability have finally been ditched following an outcry from the sector.

  • Number of delayed audit opinions rockets

    09 August 2019

    The number of delayed audit opinions in local government has risen sharply this year, according to figures compiled by the body responsible for appointing auditors.

  • Chancellor announces fast-tracked Spending Review

    09 August 2019

    The Government will rush through a one-year Spending Review to help prepare for Brexit.

  • Councils forge ahead with clear-up after flooding

    08 August 2019

    Staff at England's largest council have started work to repair the flood damage that closed roads and deluged homes.

  • One in five fail to keep schools deficit below 1%

    08 August 2019

    One in five councils with education responsibilities have failed to keep their dedicated schools grant (DSG) deficit below 1% of the total, The MJ can reveal.

  • Council to change finance approach after review

    07 August 2019

    Warrington BC has ‘consistently overspent’ against parts of its budget and needs to change its approach to deliver services ‘from a more sustainable financial footing’.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Two LEPs still do not have legal personality

    07 August 2019

    Two local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) have been granted extensions due to ‘exceptional circumstances’ after failing to adopt legal personalities before the April deadline, The MJ has learnt.

  • Put councils at the heart of Brexit planning

    06 August 2019

    As the Government throws money at Brexit preparations, the role of local goverment is still being underestimated, argues Heather Jameson.