• Six councils to mull £34m recycling plant plans

    22 August 2019

    Six councils are to be asked to give the go-ahead for the construction of a £34m recycling facility.

  • The crisis in violent youth crime: evidence from local government

    21 August 2019

    Trinley Walker says that on violent youth crime, the results of the New Local Government Network’s latest quarterly leadership index survey paint an alarming picture of how the issue is affecting the sector.

  • Transforming public services

    20 August 2019

    The decision five years ago to wind up Whitehall’s Transformation Unit resulted in a loss of capacity and expertise, according to Pat Ritchie. Now, the new Prime Minister must embrace post-austerity place-based deals, she believes.

  • Everyday Britain's silent crisis in care

    20 August 2019

    Ben Page says that while Britain is bothering about Brexit and more this summer, hardly anyone is paying attention to the 'much less talked about' crisis in children's services that's 'becoming acute'.

  • North Yorkshire mulls utilities flood defence funding

    19 August 2019

    North Yorkshire CC is to look at funding flood defence work through contributions from utilities companies.

  • The Prime Minister must fix the Special Educational Needs funding system

    16 August 2019

    The system of ‘misaligned incentives’ for Special Educational Needs, with local government as the ‘funder of last resort’ is fundamentally flawed, says Robert Pollock.

  • Council chief calls for reform of emergency flood funds

    12 August 2019

    A council hit by heavy flooding has called for the system of Government support to be overhauled.

  • Government activates emergency funds for flood-hit councils

    12 August 2019

    Whitehall has activated an emergency fund for councils affected by flooding.

  • Welsh councils warn of ‘financial tipping point’ due to cuts

    08 August 2019

    Six Welsh council leaders have written to the Welsh government warning them that without a change to the way local government is funded there will be ‘substantial cuts’ to frontline services.

  • Moray warned time is running out

    06 August 2019

    Audit Scotland has told a council that it has 'limited time' to curb spending before its reserves run out.

  • Chancellor announces £2bn to prepare for no-deal Brexit

    01 August 2019

    Chancellor Sajid Javid has announced a cash boost of up to £2.1bn in order to prepare the UK for a no-deal Brexit.

  • What price timidity?

    25 July 2019

    The prevention Green Paper partly tips the scales towards a fairer and more productive country, but also falls short in crucial areas, says president of the Association of Directors of Public Health, Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy.

  • Are we shooting for the moon?

    24 July 2019

    Cumbria CC’s deputy leader Cllr Peter Thornton makes the case for fair funding and fairer investment – to help unlock the inherent strength and potential of the UK’s rural areas.

  • Reforming social care is a ‘whole society problem’

    24 July 2019

    Dr Jonathan Carr-West asks if strengths-based approaches to caring for older people could actually obscure the sort of systemic change we need.

  • ‘Extraordinary pressures’ call for extraordinary resilience

    17 July 2019

    Penna’s latest annual survey of chief executives, in partnership with The MJ, highlights their latest perspectives and organisational priorities. Ann McGauran looks at the results.

  • Planning amid the certainty of uncertainty

    17 July 2019

    John Hewitt says finance directors and their teams have been working ‘minor miracles’ in signing off balanced budgets for the last 10 years. He outlines a number of steps Government could take to help local authorities plan more effectively.

  • Going places

    17 July 2019

    Martin Reeves says despite the Treasury’s positive assessment of the Total Place pilots over a decade ago, the initiative fell off the radar. He calls on the new Prime Minister to ‘reinvigorate a successor’.

  • A truly cooperative council

    16 July 2019

    Tudor Evans outlines how communities in Plymouth have crowdfunded the money they need for around 60 projects, with the council backing the funds raised with up to double the amount. The council is now on the final shortlist for a global award.

  • Kent warned over SEND deficit

    11 July 2019

    Members of Kent CC have been warned that the high needs budget deficit will exceed Government limits within a year.

  • Being creative local leaders is more important than ever

    09 July 2019

    In the context of the current funding risks and uncertainty, councils need to be thinking even more creatively about how they can take a leadership role in terms of solving some of the issues facing our communities, argues Adele Taylor.