Local economies

  • AI and public services of the future

    28 November 2023

    The challenge for Surrey is to work with partners to develop a regional economic ecosystem around AI, and harness the technology in a safe and trustworthy way, says Dawn Redpath.

  • True collaboration will be key to the success of devo in Surrey

    25 November 2023

    Cllr Tim Oliver says Surrey CC is looking forward to working with the Government and local partners to ensure all residents can feel the benefit of a Level 2 County Deal.

  • Let the citizens decide

    20 November 2023

    Ross Mudie asks if the public hold the key to navigating economic challenges – and he highlights citizens’ jury research that says the chancellor should press ahead with rolling out fiscal devolution nationwide.

  • Right place and time for change

    20 November 2023

    Despite more than a decade of austerity and no end in sight, local authorities do have the power to get wealth flowing more directly to residents, and many are doing so, writes Sarah Longlands.

  • West Yorkshire to host £220m investment zone

    20 November 2023

    A new investment zone has been announced for West Yorkshire focused on life sciences.

  • Current climate making it ‘impossible’ for councils to carry on

    15 November 2023

    Soaring demand, rising pay bills and inflationary costs are making it ‘virtually impossible’ to keep councils going, a senior chief executive has said.

  • Ending the uncertainty

    14 November 2023

    The North could reap the benefits of a focused long-term industrial strategy for meeting net zero, explains Ryan Swift.

  • Is it time to remove the reins on local government finances?

    13 November 2023

    Centralisation clearly isn’t working for England, so could radical plans for fiscal devolution be the solution, asks the ICAEW’s Alison Ring.

  • Centralism isn’t working, can we try something different?

    31 October 2023

    The all-star line-up at the launch of a Harvard report 'ultimately see centralism isn’t working', says Heather Jameson. 'It begs the question: If they see it, why can’t our current political ’masters’? Or if they do, why don’t they act?'

  • Why regional policy failed

    30 October 2023

    A report looks at the lessons from in-depth interviews with experts on why UK regional policy has been a failure for 40 years. Ann McGauran reports from a fiery panel discussion on the findings.

  • Oflog moves to expand remit

    27 October 2023

    The new Office for Local Government (Oflog) watchdog has proposed to widen its scope to five new service areas.

  • Crisis-hit local government 'should not be left alone to pursue growth'

    26 October 2023

    A crisis-hit local government sector must not be left on its own to pursue regional plans for growth, says former Labour secretary of state Lord Peter Mandelson.

  • Government trust in councils key to devolution

    24 October 2023

    Most interviewees for a report on why UK's regional policy hasn't worked were unconvinced about fiscal devolution, says Paul Marinko. 'The whiff of mistrust in local government is unmistakable.'

  • Transforming Belfast: the power of innovation-led prosperity

    23 October 2023

    By aligning strategy and investment, Belfast is increasingly globally visible as an innovation economy, says Sam Markey. He outlines the city’s transformation journey.

  • No prospect of sector spending boost after General Election

    18 October 2023

    Council chief executives have been told Whitehall spending is unlikely to change quickly regardless of who wins the next General Election.

  • Uncertainty hangs over funding for growth projects

    16 October 2023

    Councils have voiced fresh concerns as they remain in the dark over future funding for responsibilities inherited from Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

  • Have your say on the future of population and migration statistics

    13 October 2023

    Councils’ input is critical to providing evidence for the ONS’ recommendations on the future of population and migration statistics and the census, says Jen Woolford.

  • Growth: the big issue

    03 October 2023

    As we enter election season a national growth plan is needed now, delivered with and by places, says Ben Lucas. He sets out four key opportunities that could be catalysed through a new focus on local growth.

  • A working ecosystem needs a local base

    03 October 2023

    Local authorities are the natural fulcrum for a dynamic, flexible and responsive skills ecosystem, and political parties must be pushed harder to commit to achieving this, says Professor Graeme Atherton.

  • Growth battlelines

    03 October 2023

    Rishi Sunak has launched a towns plan, while a new report says bringing UK cities up to the productivity levels of their European peers could deliver a massive dividend. But is there a better way that helps all towns and cities? Heather Jameson reports.