Bristol apologises for ‘distress’ caused by mishandling of complaints

By William Eichler | 26 May 2021

Bristol City Council has apologised after being criticised for failing to provide evidence it had completed Ombudsman recommendations in two separate complaints.

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman completed investigations into the complaints, which involved missed bin collections and noise nuisance, in early 2020.

In both cases the council accepted the Ombudsman’s decision and its recommendations to put things right for the complainants. 

The Ombudsman suspended chasing the council for evidence it had complied with the recommendations due to COVID-19.

However, once the Ombudsman resumed casework the council failed to supply the necessary evidence until fresh complaints were registered.

Ombudsman Michael King said that it was clear from these two cases there were ‘significant issues in the city'.

A council spokesperson said: ‘We recognise we have fallen short in both our initial handling of these complaints and our compliance with the recommendations made.

‘We apologise for any distress and inconvenience caused in these cases.'

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