• ‘Legacy issues’ delay South Ribble accounts

    09 July 2019

    The leader of South Ribble BC has told councillors the authority will miss the statutory deadline for publishing its annual accounts.

  • Catch them early and save their lives

    03 July 2019

    A child’s experiences at an early age can make a major difference to their long-term outcomes. Rachel Dickinson explains how austerity and a lack of cash is preventing local needs being met,

  • Shetland Islands' spending 'unsustainable'

    02 July 2019

    Spending at Shetland Islands Council has been labelled ‘unsustainable’ by an external auditor.

  • 'You can't cut what you don't have!'

    05 June 2019

    We need the sort of detailed analysis carried out by PriceWaterhouseCoopers for the County Councils ' Network, which uses evidence to project 'spending need' over the period 2015-25, says Richard Flinton.

  • Care provider warns of sector collapse unless action is taken

    30 May 2019

    The executive director of Mears Alan Long sets out what he believes is needed to save a domiciliary care sector in crisis:

  • Let austerity end for the children first

    28 May 2019

    Rachel Dickinson says a host of conflicting policy initiatives are making it harder for councils to give children and young people the help they need.

  • Cliffs, knives and U2

    28 May 2019

    Abdool Kara is not sure that falling over or off cliffs is the right metaphor for what we could see in local government if the current funding trajectory continues.

  • Norfolk and Essex face multi-million pound funding gaps

    22 May 2019

    Norfolk CC’s leader met local government minister Rishi Sunak as his authority attempts to close a budget gap of £40m next year.

  • Salford strides ahead on integration

    15 May 2019

    Charlotte Ramsden says almost 20 years of integrated working by Salford City Council and Salford CCG is delivering better outcomes - and the majority of children's services are now included in the pooled health and care fund.

  • Pooling funds is a better use of resources

    24 April 2019

    Jill Penn is moving to a new finance role at the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk. She says what we do impacts on the same residents, so working together is better than arguing about the proportion of the cash you're getting.

  • Tackle the producers of plastics first

    24 April 2019

    The Government is consulting on consistency in household and business waste recycling collections. But Paul Shevlin asks if the numbers stack up, in resource and environmental terms.

  • Committing to youth wellbeing

    24 April 2019

    Councils are being ‘forced to divert the limited funding they have left away from preventative work. But with levels of knife crime rising, will the Government put more money into targeted youth services responses? Ann McGauran reports

  • We need sustainable funding

    23 April 2019

    We are lurching towards schemes where we can deliver something good or extra just because there is a new 'one-off' pot of cash that can be exploited, says Adele Taylor.

  • Mr Benn and the rise of the super directorate

    16 April 2019

    It is clear the role of chief officer is rapidly being reframed - and they often find themselves in a Mr Benn-like world, according to Paul O'Brien.

  • Halting knife crime is a multi-agency endeavour

    16 April 2019

    Rachel Dickinson says much greater investment is needed in children and young people if we are to make a difference to levels of knife crime - and treating serious youth violence as a public health issue makes absolute sense.

  • Making progress in Powys

    16 April 2019

    An inspection revealing child protection processes at Powys CC were not good enough came as a ‘hard knock’, says leader Rosemarie Harris. She talks to Dan Peters about the council’s continuing improvement journey.

  • Resourcing councils to prevent homelessness

    15 April 2019

    Senior council politicians and officers do not feel they have adequate funding to fulfil their statutory duties under the new Homelessness Reduction Act, says Trinley Walker.

  • We need the widest possible look at council finances

    09 April 2019

    The MHCLG review of the money councils get is welcome - but we need a wider look at local authorities' responsibilities and funding from across Government departments, argues Gary Fielding.

  • Call for regulator to manage increasing commercial activity

    02 April 2019

    A code to guarantee the soundness of the sector’s plans as commercial activity gathers momentum has now become necessary, a new report has suggested.

  • South Yorkshire devolution deadlock broken

    25 March 2019

    The years-long devolution stalemate in south Yorkshire has finally been resolved.