Budgets and efficiency

  • LGPS deficit plummets to £35bn

    24 March 2017

    The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) deficit has fallen to half the level previously expected - going down to around £35bn - new figures have revealed.

  • Don’t forget to read the small print

    23 March 2017

    Public/private sector partnerships have the power to drive real change and deliver value for money, but Andrew Lancaster warns councils need to be careful when negotiating increasingly complex contracts.

  • Breaking the cycle and boosting communities

    22 March 2017

    Cllr Judith Blake argues for place-based budgeting to break down barriers between economic and social policy.

  • Tierful times

    22 March 2017

    Andrew Muter combines the district and county spending power figures and uncovers a worrying trend.

  • ‘Overlooked’ counties threaten to quit LGA

    22 March 2017

    The Local Government Association (LGA) was this week facing a battle to placate its county membership amid snowballing threats to quit the association.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Half of children could avoid care

    21 March 2017

    Councils have been urged to refocus on reducing demand after analysis revealed up to half of children could have avoided being taken into care.

  • Driving down demand in children's services

    21 March 2017

    Expenditure on children's social services continues to rise. If councils are going to survive, Ginette Beal and Ebony Hughes argue they must get to grips with the drivers for demand and deploy resources wisely.

  • Adult social care market 'broken'

    20 March 2017

    The adult social care market is ‘broken’ with services now bought at prices that are unsustainable, a damning report has warned.

  • We need to talk about the state of the state

    14 March 2017

    We are trying to pay for public services with a tax system based on property and full-time employment as we shift to online shopping and the gig economy, writes Heather Jameson.

  • What’s on the box?

    14 March 2017

    Times are tight for local government and we all know selling off assets is a great way of getting quick cash.

  • Collaborative working is the key

    14 March 2017

    In response to an article in The MJ last week calling for councils to take control of the health service, NHS Providers’ Saffron Cordery argues that structural changes are not the answer.

  • Think globally, deliver locally

    14 March 2017

    An ideal opportunity has materialised for district councils to deliver the industrial strategy at a local level, writes Allen Graham.

  • Will the figures actually add up?

    14 March 2017

    Michael Burton looks at key public finance issues highlighted in the Institute for Fiscal Studies' post-Budget briefing.

  • The Budget reaffirms the need for fiscal freedom

    14 March 2017

    Bob Neill examines the details of the chancellor’s Budget and looks at why local government needs more fiscal devolution.

  • Evaluating rate revaluations

    14 March 2017

    Alex Jones urges the Government to move quickly to ensure the business rates system is fairer, more accurate and less volatile.

  • Where next for council budgets under siege?

    14 March 2017

    Government policies have done little to ease budget pressures. Norma Atlay asks whether it is time to review the councillor-to-electorate ratio.

  • One in three upper-tier councils face ‘severe financial challenges’

    14 March 2017

    At least one in three of England’s 152 upper-tier councils are facing ‘severe financial challenges’ in 2018/19, a top auditor has warned.

  • Scots’ local government funding ‘uncertain’

    14 March 2017

    The funding outlook for local government in Scotland remains uncertain and raises questions about which services councils can continue to deliver, a think-tank has warned.

  • local authorities must draw on the power of community assets

    13 March 2017

    Ewan King says it is time to push forward with an asset-based approach to social care that builds on the skills and strengths of local people.

  • Safeguard reforms could save councils billions

    13 March 2017

    Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are ‘unfit for purpose’ and must be scrapped immediately, the Law Commission has insisted.