• Economic recovery and reform: the role of community power

    22 May 2020

    The resurgence of community action has been impressive and needs to be seen as a ‘power source’ to build back a better economy, say Tom Lloyd Goodwin and Neil McInroy.

  • Why localism is needed for behaviour change

    20 May 2020

    Councils can be key – as can local community groups and charities – in setting social norms that people will want to follow, says Dan Corry.

  • Haringey Together - Food insecurity and Covid-19

    14 May 2020

    Sanjay Mackintosh outlines how the Haringey Together Food Hub set up in response to the pandemic has been a ‘humanitarian effort of epic proportions’ – representing local government at its best.

  • A reawakening of society?

    13 May 2020

    Nathan Elvery says that through the daily accounts of heroic action during the COVID-19 crisis, society is set to fall back in love with the public sector.

  • Local authorities can help make mutual aid a positive legacy of COVID-19

    12 May 2020

    John Copps argues that local authorities should encourage and promote the sustainability of mutual aid groups as part of their recovery strategy.

  • COVID-19 - Community ownership should play a key role in local recovery

    11 May 2020

    As we look to emerge from this crisis, supporting communities to take over ownership of local assets and public services represents an opportunity for positive change and is an operationally sensible approach, says Andrew Laird.

  • Council approves UK's first community municipal investment

    01 May 2020

    West Berkshire Council voted last night to approve the UK’s first community municipal investment (CMI).

  • Voluntary council tax contributions help to fight COVID-19’s impact

    01 May 2020

    Rachael Robathan explains how the community contribution raised from Westminster’s top-rate band H council taxpayers is helping local organisations manage the COVID-19 pandemic

  • A catalyst for change?

    29 April 2020

    The coronavirus crisis is speeding up the shift towards new people-centred operating models that were already being adopted by progressive councils, writes Codrina Cretu.

  • Designing our collective future normal

    29 April 2020

    We have been given a 'precious liminal space' at the moment writes Donna Hall - and we need to 'use it well to deliver a renaissance in democracy, communities and local economies'.

  • This emergency funding will only plug the gap for a short time

    28 April 2020

    It’s crucial the Government continues to recognise the role of local government during and after this crisis, 'and ensures that we have the funding we need', says Paul Shevlin.

  • A united unitary

    21 April 2020

    Buckinghamshire Council leader Cllr Martin Tett talks about the successes of launching the country’s newest unitary council while tackling COVID-19 full-on.

  • Shaping the future after the pandemic

    21 April 2020

    John Tizard argues that during this emergency the sector has stepped up – and the COVID-19 crisis must be a catalyst for ‘a renaissance in local government’.

  • Rewarding our invisible frontline workers

    21 April 2020

    Claire Fox says we can reflect on what kind of a changed world we want to inhabit after the pandemic – and commit to embracing some lessons moving forwards.

  • Supporting the fight against Covid-19 with community hub software

    20 April 2020

    OLM has developed software  - free to councils until the end of September - that acts as an online community whiteboard to support operations in community hubs, says Peter O’Hara.

  • Collective Crisis Intelligence

    20 April 2020

    Peter Baeck looks at how local authorities can best harness collective crisis intelligence to gather and share data on the spread of coronavirus, and mobilise community responses.

  • Call for lifting of immigration rules

    20 April 2020

    Council leaders in England, Scotland and Wales have called for a temporary lifting of the immigration rules that stop some migrants accessing public funds.

  • We have an opportunity to re-boot and take stock

    15 April 2020

    Local authorities have by necessity become far more introspective than ever before as they've been forced to consider their own survival, says Gill Kneller.

  • Brighten all corners

    15 April 2020

    Better, more consistent and accountable use of the Social Value Act could give communities the benefits they truly need from place-sensitive public service commissioning in the post-COVID era, writes Jonathan Werran.

  • Four key ideas for social value creation

    15 April 2020

    Karl Limbert sets out four key ideas for social value creation and says it’s time to nuture and grow ‘the trust we already have’ between the public sector and its private partners.