Genuine devolving RTB powers would signal some real devolution

By Mo Baines | 13 May 2024

Sadly, debate on the rights and wrongs of RTB has been stifled by the compass-like policy status of the issue. Are you for or against it? Are you right or left? RTB is anchored in emotional and ideological issues. Electorally, RTB encapsulates the concepts of fair graft, helping people onto the property ladder, with discounts playing to the fairness of renters not throwing good money after bad for a home they will never own.

However, the increase of discounts from its inception at 25% to the current 70% is encouragement not to just own a home, but to flip it for profit. This removes properties from public lettings and increases private landlords, with an estimated 40% of RTB purchases ending up as rentals.

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