• Huge challenges – but opportunity knocks

    03 April 2024

    Linda Todd feels it is now a positive time to be recruiting for commercial professionals – but urges organisations not to lose focus when it comes to your retention strategy.

  • Going faster for a green future

    20 February 2024

    Chris Clarke says that for sustainable procurement it’s crucial not to let a pursuit of the perfect become the enemy of progress – and he looks at the action councils can take.

  • Risk/reward – the AI lessons

    20 February 2024

    The responsible integration of powerful AI foundation models into local government will require a process of continual learning and iteration, says Elliot Jones.

  • Productivity planning and commercial efficacy

    13 February 2024

    Through many of its commercial programmes Local Partnerships sees daily how further enhancements can be made to improve both productivity and ultimately financial outcomes in local authorities.

  • Changing lanes

    05 February 2024

    Peter O’Driscoll asks why moving to an open market model for parking is the right choice for councils.

  • Get ready for the Procurement Act

    23 January 2024

    The Procurement Act will bring both risks and opportunities for councils but they should consider how to take advantage of the increased flexibility it brings, says Steven Brunning.

  • Preventing construction industry suicides

    22 January 2024

    The public sector is failing in its role in tackling mental health in the construction industry, particularly around suicide among young men, says Stephen Young.

  • Radical overhaul required to drag us into the 21st century

    17 January 2024

    From central government and the NHS, to police, prisons and local government: the ‘state of the state’ is dire, says Heather Jameson. 'There are few quick fixes, but propping up the status quo is not an option.'

  • Is leisure now a liability or an opportunity to support healthier communities?

    17 January 2024

    The three key challenges being faced by council leisure services can be addressed positively to protect services and deliver greater benefits to communities. Leading consultancy SLC share their recent successes with local authority leisure procurement.

  • How CCS is preparing for the new Procurement Act

    10 January 2024

    A look at how Crown Commercial Service is preparing for the Procurement Act 2023.

  • MPs in waste clarity call

    01 December 2023

    England’s town halls cannot prepare for forthcoming waste reforms – including procurement - until ministers provide certainty over the impact on council coffers, MPs have warned.

  • Can outsourced leisure centres benefit from the VAT ruling?

    28 November 2023

    HMRC has revised its treatment of VAT on in house leisure services. Scott Dorling and Julian Jarrett consider if agency arrangements can retain this benefit for outsourced leisure services.

  • Moving from social value to community wealth building

    21 November 2023

    Steve Wilson looks at how adopting a new community wealth model can provide opportunities to put your local communities at the forefront of your recruitment strategy.

  • The way ahead for awarding health service contracts

    20 November 2023

    The Provider Selection Regime will lead to more transparency in the award of health service contracts, and local authorities will need to monitor their compliance and publish annual summaries, says Mary Mundy.

  • Navigating procurement reform

    20 November 2023

    Raoul Robinson offers a guide to the new procurement regime, setting out key updates and unveiling a number of the most important tools to help deal with the reform.

  • Getting ready for the big procurement shake-up

    17 November 2023

    Guy Stapleford of Procurement for Housing looks at how buyers can get their communication right and their local authority ready for the new procurement regulations.

  • Transforming Belfast: the power of innovation-led prosperity

    23 October 2023

    By aligning strategy and investment, Belfast is increasingly globally visible as an innovation economy, says Sam Markey. He outlines the city’s transformation journey.

  • Public sector procurement – social value

    03 October 2023

    A look at how Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is working with local government to build social value into procurement.

  • Is in-house best for innovation

    11 September 2023

    The sector should not fall for the idea that local authority trading companies are more innovative or more responsive than in-house services, writes John Tizard.

  • Embracing innovation is key to LATCOs

    11 September 2023

    Martin Cresswell looks at the factors contributing to the success of Local Authority Trading Companies and the challenge of finding the balance between control and freedom.