Queen’s Birthday Honours celebrates local government

By Laura Sharman | 14 June 2021

The Queen’s Birthday Honours list has paid tribute to two key figures who stepped in following the financial collapse of Northamptonshire CC.

Theresa Grant, who was appointed chief executive in 2018 until it was abolished in April, and Tony McArdle, the lead commissioner at the council, have both been awarded OBEs for their services to local government.

The former leader of Oxfordshire CC, Ian Hudspeth, strategic director of finance and governance at Southwark LBC, Duncan Whitfield, and director of children’s services at Stockport MBC, Chris McLoughlin, were also awarded OBEs.

Chief executive of Edinburgh City Council, Andrew Kerr, was also awarded an OBE while chief executive of Sheffield City Council, Kate Josephs, has been awarded CB for Public Service.

MBEs were awarded to service director for economic development at Plymouth City Council, David Draffan, and principal social worker at Bradford Council, Robert Mitchell.

Grace Collins, an adviser in the Local Government Association’s leadership and localism team, was also given a MBE.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: 'The Queen’s Birthday Honours allow us to pay tribute to all those who have gone above and beyond in their service to this country.

'Throughout the pandemic we have seen countless examples of everyday heroes.'

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