Social Care

  • Prospective Barchester buyer withdraws

    11 July 2019

    A mooted sale of a major UK care home provider has been called off.

  • ADCS conference: More councils improve Ofsted ratings after regime change

    05 July 2019

    A greater number of councils are receiving better Ofsted ratings for their children’s services after the inspectorate introduced a ‘more proportionate’ regime.

  • Lib Dem leadership hopeful promises devolution revolution

    04 July 2019

    Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Jo Swinson has said that if she is elected to the top role this summer ‘ we will oversee a devolution revolution’ .

  • The clock is ticking on the push for devolution

    03 July 2019

    There will be little bandwidth for local government policy in the coming months, says Heather Jameson. Her lesson to the victor of the LGA's very own leadership election is: don't wait.

  • Councils must fill the vacuum at the top of government

    03 July 2019

    Some might argue that central Government should be the sector to provide the reassurance to local government that it has a clue about what to do next, says Michael Burton

  • Is the ‘under the radar’ devolution of the NHS the future for our health and social care system?

    01 July 2019

    Phil Hope and Steve Barwick highlight a new essay collection that reveals an ‘under the radar’ trend for devolution of the NHS. They ask: is devolution the future for health and social care?

  • LGA politics in a time of turmoil

    26 June 2019

    As the sector descends on Bournemouth for the Local Government Association conference this week, the four political groups outline their priorities for the coming year.

  • Johnson v Hunt

    25 June 2019

    As the race to become the next prime minister continues, Heather Jameson looks at what the candidates could mean for local government once Brexit is over.

  • 'Real cuts' warning after overspend

    24 June 2019

    Rotherham MBC faces having to make ‘real cuts and reductions in service provision’ after recording a £9.6m overspend in 2018/19.

  • Enabling a single version of the truth

    18 June 2019

    Samantha Fitzgerald describes how Northamptonshire’s real time health and social care capacity tool is integrating system data to reduce pressure on accident and emergency departments and help manage capacity within adult social care.

  • Bring on the robots

    18 June 2019

    AI could be a great time-saver in workplaces dealing with complex processes, writes Claire Fox, but making work robotic should not be confused with technology’s exciting potential.

  • Government must invest to take pressure off hospitals, says ADASS

    13 June 2019

    Central government needs to invest in social care and primary health in a bid to take the pressure off hospitals, the president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has said.

  • Giving the sector a voice on AI

    12 June 2019

    Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life Lord Jonathan Evans says Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise local government – but it must do so in line with standards that the public expect.

  • Jam tomorrow from the Conservative candidates

    12 June 2019

    As the candidates for election as prime minister are targeting 2% of the voters - namely Conservative Party members who are mainly older, white, wealthier, and Brexiteers - it is barely surprising they focus on the goodies, says Michael Burton.

  • A fair care package at a fair price with fair wages

    05 June 2019

    Dr Andrew Larner says it is more important than ever to understand whether a fair price is being paid for a package of care that is fair to the service user

  • The sound of silence

    05 June 2019

    The history of attempts to achieve joined-up health and social care reads like a bad songbook for people of a certain age, says Martin Farrow.

  • Care provider warns of sector collapse unless action is taken

    30 May 2019

    The executive director of Mears Alan Long sets out what he believes is needed to save a domiciliary care sector in crisis:

  • Funding’s stark reality needs an honest debate

    28 May 2019

    The IFS concluded in its report that local government finances are broken and we need a national discussion on whether to raise taxes or cut services. Heather Jameson says the sector needs to be honest and open about the debate.

  • Panorama care programme prompts police probe

    23 May 2019

    A police investigation has been launched after the BBC’s Panorama programme uncovered abuse and maltreatment of vulnerable adults at a Durham hospital.

  • The talk of the town

    15 May 2019

    An increasing number of conversations these days are liberally peppered with references to fantasy drama Game of Thrones these days.