A matter of trust

A matter of trust
By Sam Clayden | June 16, 2017

Steve Crocker and Chris Whitehouse explain how the Isle of Wight, through its partnership with neighbouring Hampshire CC, has delivered dramatic improvements to its formerly failing services for children - without the need for a trust.

  • The big opportunity for local government

    By Michael Burton | June 14, 2017

    The Government is heavily exposed to backbench revolts – not just on Brexit but on public sector funding. Michael Burton reports on last week’s election, which could give local government the best opportunity to press home its case in decades.

  • Time for some new school thinking?

    By Dan Peters | June 14, 2017

    At a recent The MJ round table, council chief executives and senior managers met to discuss the role of local government in schools and the changing landscape of the education system. Dan Peters reports.

  • What do local authorities really need from the next Government?

    By Sam Clayden | June 6, 2017

    Sam Clayden looks beyond the politics and asks sector experts what the new Government – whatever form it takes – really needs to address.

  • How a crisis brings out local leadership

    By Sam Clayden | May 30, 2017

    Recent tragic events across the country have reiterated the importance of local leadership. From individual figureheads to the local authorities and their civic leaders, it requires a joint effort to keep the communities buoyant. Sam Clayden reports [..]


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The keys to prosperity

Key Cities leaders gathered at a round table event, organised in partnership with The MJ, to discuss their pivotal role in propping up the UK economy and creating vibrant communities after Brexit. Sam Clayden reports.

A turbulent time for talent

Is local government approaching a deficit of leadership? Sam Clayden analyses the results of a new survey of council chief executives, conducted by Penna for The MJ’s Future Forum.

The growth of inter-authority lending

In the second of a series of articles from the National Audit Office unpicking the complex and often overlooked world of local authority capital expenditure and resourcing, Aileen Murphie explains the growth of inter-authority lending

How do we solve a problem like care?

Funding pressures in adult social care have permeated the national press lately. Dan Peters analyses the findings of an Independent Age/The MJ survey, and Andrew Kaye says all eyes are now on the prime minister.

In the same boat?

Dan Peters talks to key figures in the sector about the future for health and social care integration and whether the Government’s National 2020 target is feasible

Not settling for less

After the finance settlement consultation deadline, Sam Clayden speaks to some of the authorities that rejected the four-year deal and examines the reaction

From the archive

Why cutting care is bad for Britain

Dan Peters reports on the dangers inherent in integrating social care with healthcare, removing the important bridge that social care creates with other council services

Autumn Statement: what to do now the circus has left town?

Local government must not allow the political expediency of the Autumn Statement to deflect it from how it must tackle longer-term public service issues - through transformation and managed disruption - writes Martin Cresswell.

Engagement and accountability key

Senior research analyst at the House of Commons Library, Mark Sandford, looks at the unexpected initiation and expansion of city-regional devolution.