Pinch point

Pinch point
By Heather Jameson | August 17, 2018

The battle for extra cash is on as local government struggles to balance the books and councils struggle to survive. With a Spending Review and Budget to come, Heather Jameson looks at the immediate future for the sector.

  • Challenges for London HR heads

    By Michael Burton | August 8, 2018

    Staff turnover, retention, skill shortages and culture change were among the issues discussed by a recent meeting of London HR heads chaired by The MJ’s Michael Burton who reports on the key conclusions.

  • Caught in the traffic lights

    By Heather Jameson | July 10, 2018

    As CIPFA members gather in Bournemouth for its annual conference, much attention will be paid to its proposals for a ‘resilience index’. Rob Whiteman explains to Heather Jameson why the system of self-regulation needs to change.

  • Breathing life into the high streets

    By Sam Clayden | July 4, 2018

    Sam Clayden looks at two new reports urging a full re-purposing of the British high street in response to the chaos caused by changing lifestyles and technological advances.

  • Countering terror locally

    By Mark Conrad | June 20, 2018

    With the announcement of the Government’s CONTEST counter-terrorism strategy following on from other major reviews into policing and safety, Mark Conrad looks at what it all means for local authorities.


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Although the focus of social services budgets is on adult care costs, it is children’s services that are rapidly becoming an even greater challenge for hard-pressed education authorities, especially when it comes to the bill for looked-after children. The MJ and Prospects recently hosted a round table debate with chief executives to discuss solutions, as Dan Peters reports.

The diversity challenge

How can council workforces become more diverse, especially at the top? A group of senior local government directors and chief executives debated the challenges at a round table debate hosted by The MJ and Green Park. Michael Burton reports.

Meeting the cyber security threat: are you ready?

With local authorities increasingly concerned about cyber security, The MJ and BT undertook a survey to gauge the level of preparation. Michael Burton reports on the key findings.

What next for health and care?

In the second round table discussion hosted by The MJ and the National Audit Office, participants discussed the challenging relationship between the health and social care sectors. Michael Burton reports

Operation sanctuary: lessons to be learned

A serious case review into sexual exploitation in Newcastle has revealed a raft of learning for public bodies, national government and society. Sam Clayden speaks to the reports’ author and the agencies involved.

Seven steps to social care improvement

The social care green paper announcement has reinforced the work that needs to be done to make the system work. Sam Clayden explains.

From the archive

How necessary is austerity?

As the Autumn Statement lays out tough targets on debt reduction, Michael Burton examines the feasibility of planned spending cuts and considers whether austerity is the ‘only game in town’.

Universal benefit?

Professor Henry Overman questions whether available evidence backs up the need to make ultrafast broadband universally available in cities and shires.

Future destinies

Decentralisation, devolution and powerhouses are the words du jour but will they deliver the outcomes of local growth, efficiencies and more joined-up services in an era of continuing austerity? Our round table tried to find answers.