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Simplified rates retention approach mooted

A separate grant to reward councils that help Government achieve its policy objectives under business rates retention could be introduced, The MJ understands.

Northern council chiefs call for devolution of powers to solve ‘railway fiasco’

A coalition of northern local government leaders has called for full powers governing the management of all rail infrastructure to be handed to the region.

Hospital admissions could have been avoided, say MPs

Nearly 1.5 million emergency hospital admissions could have been avoided if the right care had been in place, MPs have warned today.

Magistrates can make a difference

Bob Neill asks why more local authorities are not making more use of the valuable skills and perspectives a magistrate within their workforce can provide.

A fresh start for Salford

Salford has seen a wave of regeneration in the past 30 years. Sam Clayden speaks to the council’s chief executive about its journey.

Welsh Government unveils £260m infrastructure investment

The Welsh Government has announced new capital funding totaling £266m for projects including schools, transport links and broadband.

From the archive

Knowsley director gets his hands dirty

Sector ‘better’ at handling fund risk

Local authority pension funds are better at managing non-financial investment risks – such as irresponsible lending by companies within their portfolios – than private sector retirement schemes, a study has revealed.

A nudge in the wrong direction

Nudge nudge, wink wink’ is a phrase we associate with something a bit dodgy, more innuendo than straight talking. Perhaps that’s why I’m so suspicious of the Coalition’s enthusiasm for ‘nudge’ as a policy.