• Javid: Devolution crucial in levelling up

    13 May 2021

    Former local government secretary Sajid Javid has stressed the importance of devolution in the drive towards levelling up the country.

  • PM dashes hopes for localism and devolution

    12 May 2021

    All hopes that prime ministers forged through local politics would be localists, sympathetic to the plight of local government and devolving powers down seem to have been dashed by the Johnson Government, says Heather Jameson.

  • A level of uncertainty

    12 May 2021

    A Levelling up White Paper will emerge later this year, to replace the long-promised legislative proposals for local recovery and devolution. What does this augur for the role of local government? Martin Ford reports.

  • Devolved potential in Cornwall is under threat from central Government inertia

    12 May 2021

    Sarah Longlands says that unlike the ‘hero’ style approach of the mayors elsewhere, Cornish devolution has been characterised by collaborative leadership. But lack of Government action is putting devolved potential at risk, she believes.

  • Let's continue to open national politicians’ and civil servants’ eyes to the potential of local government

    12 May 2021

    Writing in advance of the Queen's Speech, Graeme McDonald wondered if it would set up a new relationship between Whitehall and councils. or leave local government fighting for relevance within a Westminster-imposed straightjacket.

  • Local elections 2021: Look behind the big story

    11 May 2021

    A closer look at the Super Thursday outcomes reveals a series of more complex stories, and suggests a centrally-driven levelling up agenda would be an error, says Jonathan Carr West.

  • Queen's Speech: Levelling up takes centre stage

    11 May 2021

    The Government’s levelling up agenda was at the forefront of today’s Queen’s Speech, but the role councils will play remains uncertain.

  • Queen's Speech: No social care solution in sight

    11 May 2021

    The Queen’s Speech has said proposals on social care reform will be brought forward – but it fell short of a commitment to legislation in this Parliament.

  • Queen's speech: PM's 'live local and prosper' promise

    09 May 2021

    Levelling up, boosting the economy and backing the NHS are set to be the priorities for Tuesday’s Queen’s speech.

  • Local results will supercharge the levelling up ambitions

    07 May 2021

    The Conservative government is now set to enjoy an assured position of dominance and power at local and national level, says chief executive of Localis Jonathan Werran.

  • It’s time to secure the future of social care, says Lord Bob Kerslake

    07 May 2021

    Lord Bob Kerslake hands on the presidency of the LGA to Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson in July. The social care system and its funding is an urgent priority that must be addressed now, he believes.

  • Devo must focus on economy, says think-tank

    06 May 2021

    Devolution needs to focus on rebuilding the economy rather than local government reorganisation, a think-tank has claimed.

  • I have a dream (about local government)

    05 May 2021

    Greater powers, more devolution and a fundamental review of local finances have been promised to local government by the Prime Minister himself. John Tizard outlines the wide-ranging policy pledges featured in his recent dream.

  • No accord on levelling up

    05 May 2021

    An analysis by Localis calls the Government’s Plan for Growth ‘a centralist strategy’ in which ‘the question of devolution is not given much emphasis’. It's not surprising that confidence in the programme seems to be draining away, says Paul Marinko.

  • We need more than fancy slogans to reach the right level

    05 May 2021

    Boris Johnson will personally turn his attention to levelling up, with a 'swanky new unit with a trusted ally and a rebranded Levelling Up White Paper', says Heather Jameson. But where has the real devolution gone, she wonders.

  • Devolution evolution must continue in Cornwall

    29 April 2021

    Cornwall needs more devolution in order to progress with laying the foundations for regions to power the UK’s carbon zero economy and to stimulate renewal, says Cllr Julian German.

  • Devolution call in business leaders' blueprint

    28 April 2021

    Top business leaders have issued a blueprint for recovery that includes more devolved powers for metro mayors, unitaries and counties, and rebranded local enterprise partnerships (LEPs).

  • Why the rush to create unitary authorities?

    27 April 2021

    Paul Shevlin says councils were 'dangled the carrot of devolution, but that now appears to have been an illusion, with no sign of any White Paper forthcoming, and no sign of the billions of pounds of investment which was suggested'.

  • A legacy in London

    20 April 2021

    John O’Brien is stepping down as chief executive of London Councils after 14 years. Heather Jameson steers one of the most understated people in London government round to talking about his achievements.

  • Sector urged not to give up on health devolution

    13 April 2021

    The sector should not give up on securing future health devolution deals despite the Government’s ‘centralising tendency,’ experts have urged.