• Call for multi-year funding

    29 September 2020

    Ministers have been urged to commit to multi-year settlements for local government by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).

  • Mind the gap in Scotland

    08 September 2020

    The latest figures show Scotland’s deficit between income and spending compared to the deficit for the whole of the UK has widened. Michael Burton delves into the statistics.

  • Retail chiefs call for more rate relief as Sunak considers tax hikes

    01 September 2020

    Retail chiefs have urged Chancellor Rishi Sunak to extend business rate relief just as he plans tax rises to reduce the £2 trillion hole in the public finances.

  • What’s the recovery position?

    27 July 2020

    The chancellor has opened the door to a less generous funding settlement for public services, but will he end up turning his back on a slash-and-burn approach? Martin Ford reports.

  • Think tank calls for sweeping reforms to local taxes

    06 July 2020

    A group of former Treasury special advisers have called for revaluation of the council tax and reform of  business rates to boost the economy post-COVID-19.

  • Don't lose the increased recognition due to a failure to fund services

    15 April 2020

    It would be a tragedy for local government if an increased recognition of its role in keeping society functioning in the toughest of circumstances is quickly lost by a failure to properly fund these very services in the future, argues Paul O'Brien.

  • Tax needs a 'fundamental overhaul', says IfG

    15 April 2020

    A combination of higher public spending due to coronavirus and rising social care costs means the tax system is in need of a fundamental overhaul, says a report from the Institute for Government (IfG).

  • Care crisis’ answers are already out there

    11 March 2020

    There have been enough reports on the future funding of social care to fill a Whitehall filing cabinet, most of which have ended up in the one marked ‘too difficult', says Michael Burton.

  • Future Forum North: IFS boss praises 'sensible' Labour tax proposals

    06 December 2019

    The director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies has urged whoever is elected next week to look at ‘sensible’ dividend and capital gains tax proposals.

  • Lib Dems unveil £13bn social care funding pledge

    19 November 2019

    The Lib Dems have announced an election policy that would lead to an extra £13bn going to social care.

  • Boris Johnson promises business rates cuts

    18 November 2019

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the Confederation of British Industry annual conference today that a ‘fundamental review’ of business rates will take place should his party win the election.

  • Just a lull in the funding storm?

    13 November 2019

    David Phillips examines the choices the next Government will face, including whether (and how much) to raise taxes. What it decides could have big implications for councils and those who rely on their services.

  • Fair tax is the way forward

    29 September 2019

    Shining a light on fair tax is a responsibility Oxford City Council is pleased to take on, says Cllr Tom Hayes - and he is glad to see others signing up to the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration.

  • Social care and climate change share limelight at Lib Dem conference

    16 September 2019

    Increased funding via new taxes and more powers to tackle climate change are among the policies adopted at the Lib Dem conference this week.

  • Council backs campaign for procurement reform

    11 July 2019

    Oxford City Council has become the first authority to back a fair tax campaign.

  • Regional imbalances match the Euro-election results

    28 May 2019

    Michael Burton says on regional unfairness IPPR North makes a good point - 'the stark ONS figures explain Brexit but there is little sign of Government actually being able to do anything to reduce the imbalances'.

  • We need a real debate on local taxes

    15 May 2019

    Piali Das Gupta argues that we need a more sophisticated balance of local revenue sources for local services that would reduce the pressure on any individual tax or set of taxpayers. Many other countries do it – so what are we afraid of?

  • Business rates 'tweaks' not enough - CBI

    09 May 2019

    Industry leaders have called on politicians to look at overhauling the system of business rates.

  • MPs: Government not willing to innovate on high streets problem

    07 May 2019

    The Government is not willing to make the changes necessary to help businesses revitalise high streets across the country, a select committee has said.

  • Devo choices should be open to all

    30 April 2019

    If Scotland can choose to raise income tax and invest in public services, why can’t Manchester or the West Midlands, asks Heather Jameson - and if devolution gives choices to parts of the UK, why not all of the devolved bodies?