You may have missed

Small steps to fairer opportunities

Devolution of the work and health programme to London is helping the capital’s boroughs on their journey towards achieving inclusive growth. Peter John explains.

Fighting fraud through collaboration

Fraud is a serious issue for local government. Rachael Tiffen says setting up a sector-led counter fraud standard has proven to be a shining example of collaborative working.

Let’s get our voices heard

iMPOWER’s Jeremy Cooper says ‘solving’ the problem of delayed transfers is not as simple as merely throwing £1bn at it.

Social care investment is a benefit, not a cost

Andrew Burns says local government will have to explain the positive impacts of investing in social care, rather than focusing on the costs of doing so.

The winding road towards LGPS pooling

The change in mindset demanded by the pooling of the local government pension schemes should not be underestimated, writes Paul Traynor.

What happens when government loses its corporate memory?

Michael Burton looks at the DCLG's current crop of policies and asks whether the new department is failing to learn from its past endeavours.

From the archive

Local government and the justice system

Sir Stephen Bubb looks at the details of the recently released reports on the justice system.

When is the right time to blow the whistle?

This is turning into the week of the whistle-blower.

Assessments with impact

Dan Corry says when a council spends money to solve a problem all those involved should be able to assess the impact and justify the cost.