Getting districts ‘match fit’ for the global stage

    By John Fuller | January 21, 2020

    The District Councils’ Network (DCN) annual conference in Warwick will provide a golden opportunity to shape our post-Brexit future, says Cllr John Fuller.

    ‘There can be and will be no complacency’

    By Joanne Roney | January 23, 2020

    Joanne Roney says that while addressing past failures is ‘very necessary’, we must not lose sight of ‘how radically our approach to tackling child sexual exploitation has been strengthened’ since Operation Augusta.

    Let’s tell a new story

    By Graham Allen | January 21, 2020

    Graham Allen says a focus on social care being solely about getting people out of hospital only diverts attention from keeping as many people as possible away from unnecessary admission.

    Learning from two different governance systems

    By John O'Brien | January 21, 2020

    With elections looming in 2020, it is a topical moment to think about what we can learn from the combined authority structures and from London's governance system, says John O'Brien. What works best?


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Updated software remains critical to protecting data

This month Microsoft withdrew support from Windows 7. Chris Mountford looks at how local government can balance the books while keeping data secure.

Take a chance on me - the recruitment lottery

Maybe we should just recognise that recruitment is a lottery and get rid of the whole recruitment industry, replacing it with a lottery whereby any candidate who meets the person specification is eligible, argues Blair Mcpherson.

Just very good at what they do

What do senior managers do when they are very good at their role but realise they are increasingly unlikely to fulfil their ambition, asks Blair Mcpherson.

A bandwagon that won’t stop rolling

The arguments for creating large unitary authorities have not been developed in an evidence-based way, say Steve Leach and Colin Copus. How can the persistence of ‘reorganisation by stealth’ be explained?

Does our place-shaping role risk being imperilled?

An anonymous writer ponders the incongruity between what the centre expects from local government and the ‘nature, breadth and ferocity’ of the challenges councils are facing.

Learning to lead is essential to the future

Nadira Hussain asks how the sector can future-proof continuous improvement when technology and ‘need’ evolve all the time.

From the archive

District View by Allen Graham

District chiefs must remain in close touch with their communities and empower staff for councils to remain relevant.

Give districts a seat at the table

It’s time to stop talking and let district councils act to ensure effective use of public expenditure and to support older people to have the quality of life they deserve, argues Sandra Dinneen.

Why your vote counts

Cllr David Sparks urges the public to vote wisely to make sure local government can deliver more for its communities going forward.