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Digital transformation must be based on a clear strategy for change

David Newell says if the UK, and health and care services across the world, fail to adopt new technology-enabled models of care provision, current services will become even more unaffordable and unsustainable

Regeneration schemes need to be about more than bricks and mortar

Damian White outlines how Havering Council's joint venture housing regeneration scheme for 3,000 new homes will deliver social value through increased investment in local SMEs, education, training and skills.

Counties can help speed delivery of the right homes in the right places

We must move away from simply 'planning by numbers' when it comes to housing and instead seek to create genuine and sustainable communities, says Peter French

How Gateshead Council Learning & Skills is using tech to deliver quality assurance

Sonya Anderson, senior adult learning and skills manager at Gateshead Council Learning & Skills, explains the value of having an effective self-assessment and improvement planning resource.

Be a cautious revolutionary

Challenging existing policies and paradigms is something we should always want, argues Dan Corry. But he warns that being too enthusiastic to do away with what came before can have unintended consequences.

Sufficient polling stations are essential to democracy

Allen Graham says he is continually impressed by how Rushcliffe BC's election staff respond to immense logistical and administrative pressures.

From the archive

Don't kill the golden goose

Despite bearing the lion's share of spending cuts, local government has got on and delivered the goods,says Michael Burton.

Getting to the heart of local government

As this is the 14 February issue of The MJ, let me just take the opportunity to wish all our readers a happy Valentine's Day, says Heather Jameson.

Let's have decisive plans on devolution

Councils must make decisive moves on devolution - not take their indecision to the Treasury's door, says Heather Jameson.