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Let's not waste top talent

Through my work in the recruitment and transition of leaders I see first-hand the importance of reputation – the value and the damage it can have on careers and people.

Children's services risk management strategy is a leap of faith

Blair McPherson believes some councils are adopting a dangerous risk management strategy when it comes to children's services.

Why the sector can benefit from the millennial touch

Toni Hall comments on key research carried out at the recent Local Government Association conference, and the call to action around the ageing workforce.

Westminster’s revolving doors challenge the sector

Michael Burton on the recent government reshuffle and what it means for local government.

Delivering on housing – rethinking the norm for different results

In his Soapbox column on the 100 year anniversary of Lloyd George’s ‘Homes fit for heroes’ speech, Paul Wheeler called for homes at rents and prices that people can afford (The MJ, 31 May). This isn’t a new problem of course, but it is one that [..]

Lonely at the top

Alan Goodrum gives his thoughts on how to survive – and even thrive – in the often tricky role of chief executive.

From the archive

Rebranding councils

Our brand(reputation)is not what we say about ourselves, it is what other people say about us, says Cormac Smith.

Why some councils perform better than others

Why do some councils perform better?

Wellbeing is about much more than just health

Wellbeing has been a familiar term in local government for a number of years but what does this mean in practice, writes New Economics Foundation researcher Christine Berry.