The MJ Data and Digital: Getting digital right

    By Melvyn Ingleson and Kirsty Cole | September 20, 2019

    Working on digital partnerships is fraught with pitfalls. Kirsty Cole and Melvyn Ingleson offer top tips for making sure you get the best out of your digital transformation deals.

    • Jacqui McKinlay

    Solace preview: Evolving our approach to ethics and standards

    By Jacqui McKinlay | September 18, 2019

    Local government is well-placed to lead the way in evolving and supporting ethical standards to keep pace with challenging times, says Jacqui McKinley, who will speak at next month's Solace Summit 2019 in Birmingham.

    • Heather Jameson

    If you're going to engage you've got to mean it

    By Heather Jameson | September 18, 2019

    In Taiwan, revolutionary Government minister Audrey Tang is pioneering online public consultation. Heather Jameson asks if crowdsourcing public policy is the future of engagement - but that if you do it you have to be serious about it.

    A solid financial result

    By John Fuller | September 18, 2019

    The annoucement of £3.5bn for councils in the Spending Round was a solid result for districts, with many asks being met, says Cllr John Fuller. For the moment, he is focused on making the case for establishing a stable financial future.


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Simone HInes was hoping for confirmation in the spending round that the business rates reset will be deferred until 2021/22 and for measures to improved the ability of local authorities to boost council housebuilding

Boosting jobs for older workers could alleviate social care costs

Social care needs more funding, but the state is missing a trick if it fails to increase employment rates among the more active retirees, says Michael Burton.

All managers have to anticipate

Managers need to be able to distinguish growing problems from everyday problems, says Blair Mcpherson

How 5G Will Make Cities Smarter

Local authority funding has dropped by 21% in the last decade. Head of BT surveillance argues Brian Jackson argues that rescue could come in part from the arrival of 5G

Why Staffordshire dares to care

Without a national solution, it’s likely councils will have to intervene even more in the care of the elderly. Dr Richard Harling explains why Staffordshire CC has chosen to launch its own nursing home venture

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Don't kill the golden goose

Despite bearing the lion's share of spending cuts, local government has got on and delivered the goods,says Michael Burton.

Dutch courage, please

Michael Burton advocates a Dutch model in which political parties have to offer their fiscal plans up to independent scrutiny before an election.

Tackling evil at its root

SOLACE president Mark Rogers calls for shared responsibility, shared accountability and unity at local and national level to address the root causes of child sexual exploitation.