• Claire Fox

Unleash freedoms, not fears

Unleash freedoms, not fears
By Claire Fox | August 7, 2020

As local lockdowns become more common, Claire Fox warns against the use of draconian measures – keeping everyone working from home may not be the best option

    • Andrew Carter

    Helping city centres thrive post-COVID

    By Andrew Carter | August 5, 2020

    Concern for our high streets has been exacerbated by the pandemic - but this time it is big cities that are suffering more, says Andrew Carter. If we care about city centres, its down to transport authorities can help

    Don't lose localism in the race for reorganisation

    By Paul Shevlin | August 5, 2020

    The game of political football played out in Yorkshire devolution now includes reorganisation. But we must not be allowed to loose the localism, says Paul Shevlin

    Learning the lessons from interventions

    By Paul McDermott | August 5, 2020

    Paul McDermott says the MHCLG’s analysis of corporate dysfunction is a must read, as it raises the question of what measures could be adopted to underpin good governance and avoid future interventions

    Don’t short-change our children now

    By Kath O'Dwyer | August 5, 2020

    Kath O’Dwyer says getting a long-term sustainable funding settlement for local government as a whole – not just for children’s services – is crucial if we are to overcome the worst impacts of the crisis


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