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Start preparing for the change to new accessibility standards

It is time for local authorities to get ready for the move to new baseline accessibility standards for new homes in England, says Natasha Davies.

Emergency response revival

Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire’s single resilience function has been deployed repeatedly in the last few years. Tom Knibbs and Ruth Tennant set out what was learned.

The value of giving to gain...

Kate Wilson looks at the best ways of accommodating the needs and wants of todays’ candidates – and employees.

How to advance your levelling up bids

Mark Williams looks at the best way for local authorities to boost their chances of securing funds for levelling up, and reviews the guidance on offer from CIPFA to those preparing bids.

Motivations for moving

Author and former director Blair McPherson considers the reasons why a senior manager with long tenure may decide to move on.

Fixing Government’s blind spot

As the Conservative leadership hopefuls jostle for the top job, Jonathan Werran asks what a change of regime may mean for the levelling up agenda.

From the archive

Positive moves on procurement

Stephen Bubb says recent legislation on procurement rules will help the third sector.

The quality of leadership in the public sector

Alex Thomson shares his thoughts about the issues that were highlighted at the recently held MJ Future Forum.

Inside View: Reach for the tsars

A key plank of the civil service reform plan involves seeking policy advice and expertise from beyond the SW1 postcode area.