• Future Forum: Need to reduce rising child care numbers

    12 May 2022

    The local government sector needs to bring down the increasing numbers of children in care, the immediate past president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services has said.

  • Judge calls for more children’s home placements

    03 May 2022

    A judge has called for more support from the Government to fund secure placements for vulnerable children.

  • Doing the right thing for children

    27 April 2022

    With the direction of the Government’s policies for schools and SEND becoming clearer, the new president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services Steve Crocker speaks to Ann McGauran about his priorities for the next year.

  • New Solace hire to improve sector diversity

    26 April 2022

    Senior officers' organisation Solace is recruiting a new officer in a drive to improve diversity.

  • No child should be at the mercy of a postcode lottery

    25 April 2022

    We need a national conversation about the way our mental health system fails too many children and a review of CAMHS is required, says the new president of the ADCS, Steve Crocker.

  • Council chief turnover quadruples post-pandemic

    20 April 2022

    The number of council chief executives leaving their jobs has shot up in the last year, new figures have confirmed.

  • Call for national review of children's mental health services

    07 April 2022

    The new president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has called for a post-pandemic national review of children’s mental health services.

  • Family matters

    15 March 2022

    With the findings of the independent review of children’s social care expected soon, Ann McGauran looks at what sector experts want to emerge from this once in a generation chance for transformation.

  • The next steps for our children post-pandemic

    15 March 2022

    The effects of the pandemic on schooling for children cannot be ignored, says Charlotte Ramsden, and local authorities can play a role in reversing worrying trends such as persistent absence going forwards

  • Our golden chance to improve the lives of children

    19 January 2022

    The levelling up agenda provides us with the chance to tackle the rising number of children living in poverty, but this relies on Government committing to developing a cross-departmental strategy, says Charlotte Ramsden.

  • Places’ key role in changing times

    08 December 2021

    Leaders from a range of local government disciplines came together at a conference to consider how place fits at a time of rapid change and to lay out their future priorities. Ann McGauran reports.

  • Youth justice needs a redesign

    25 November 2021

    A shocking television exposure of aggressive staff behaviour towards children at the Medway Secure Training Centre should have been a watershed moment, but five years on this is still not the case, says Charlotte Ramsden.

  • Putting it right

    05 October 2021

    What does the future hold for children’s social care and what are the priorities for reform? Ann McGauran reports from a Westminster Education Forum conference.

  • Families under pressure

    27 September 2021

    As energy and food costs soar and pandemic financial support comes to an end, Chris Mahony asks what impact the pressures on low income families will have on stretched local authorities.

  • Back to school?

    14 September 2021

    Since schools returned to full capacity there has been focus on attendance, mental health and emotional wellbeing. But, argues Charlotte Ramsden, post-pandemic, the main concern must also be education recovery for all our children.

  • Unravelling the knot of education, health and care plans

    26 July 2021

    Leo Jones lays out the deeper challenges that need to be recognised and addressed if the SEND review is going to tackle the complex problems behind rising numbers of education, health and care plans.

  • Catching up with lost learning

    21 July 2021

    There is no national strategy to help children recover lost learning and promote emotional health and wellbeing, writes Charlotte Ramsden from the Association of Directors of Children’s Services.

  • Getting back in the groove

    13 July 2021

    As the country prepares to open up to gatherings again, Heather Jameson rounds up last week’s major annual virtual conferences – and finds an air of optimism within the sector despite the challenges ahead.

  • Ofsted chief rubbishes ‘inspection tsunami’ claim

    09 July 2021

    Amanda Spielman has sought to ease concerns about a deluge of inspections as the watchdog resumes normal activity in September.

  • Having children's services leads at ICS partnership talks is 'critical'

    09 July 2021

    It is ‘absolutely critically important’ that children’s services are at the table in discussions about partnership working within integrated care systems (ICS), says an NHS policy expert.