Business rates

  • Doomed to success?

    26 April 2017

    The snap election has shunted full business rates retention into the sidings. But does the sector now face delay or abandonment of what had been slated as the biggest revolution in local government finance for generations? Jonathan Werran reports.

  • The sector must be heard

    26 April 2017

    Mark Rogers says campaigning in the run-up to June’s General Election and the ongoing Brexit process must not overshadow the countless agendas that genuinely affect people’s lives.

  • ‘Delay rollout of 100% rates retention by at least a year’

    26 April 2017

    The rollout of 100% business rates retention should be pushed back by at least a year, the chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee has urged.

  • Business rates retention future 'unclear'

    24 April 2017

    A think-tank has questioned whether plans for 100% business rates retention will make it back onto Parliament’s agenda after the General Election.

  • LGA lending support to rates avoidance issue

    20 April 2017

    Ministers have agreed to work with the Local Government Association (LGA) to reduce business rates avoidance.

  • Don’t let the election derail public sector reforms

    20 April 2017

    As another General Election looms, Heather Jameson says there are a host of domestic policy challenges which lead directly to local government’s door.

  • Election casts doubt on 100% retention plan

    19 April 2017

    Plans to roll out 100% business rates retention from April 2019 have been thrown into the air by the calling of the General Election.

  • Think-tank calls for fiscal devolution

    10 April 2017

    Council tax and business rates in Scotland should be devolved in full to local authorities, a think-tank has argued.

  • ‘Ludicrous’ current council tax situation needs to be tackled

    05 April 2017

    An ex-chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA) has called for a government-commissioned independent review of council tax to address the ‘ludicrous existing situation’.

  • A helping hand to our public sector friends

    29 March 2017

    Cllr Simon Blackburn explains why Blackpool Council decided to loan £9.2m to its local NHS trust.

  • London in bid to influence design of local growth zones

    29 March 2017

    London is bidding to create local growth zones (LGZ) that would allow areas to keep all of the benefits at reset under 100% business rates retention.

  • Charities warned to shun rates avoidance schemes

    29 March 2017

    The third sector has been warned not to get involved in business rates avoidance schemes after a charity was caught out and had to close.

  • Finance overhaul risks exposed

    29 March 2017

    Auditors have warned some councils will struggle to raise enough cash to deliver statutory services under current plans for 100% business rates retention.

  • Cornwall to demand more rate relief powers

    22 March 2017

    More powers and flexibilities around rate reliefs and public health will be demanded by Cornwall Council as it heads into negotiations for a 2018/19 pilot.

  • PHE’s role in doubt

    22 March 2017

    Public Health England’s (PHE) role after 100% business rates retention is rolled out remains unclear, according to the chief executive of the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).

  • We need to talk about the state of the state

    14 March 2017

    We are trying to pay for public services with a tax system based on property and full-time employment as we shift to online shopping and the gig economy, writes Heather Jameson.

  • Ringfenced grant will help bridge gap

    14 March 2017

    Failing to acknowledge deprivation levels and the health of the pop-ulation when devising the business rates redistribution formula will amplify inequalities, the chief executive of the Association of Directors of Public Health has warned.

  • The Budget reaffirms the need for fiscal freedom

    14 March 2017

    Bob Neill examines the details of the chancellor’s Budget and looks at why local government needs more fiscal devolution.

  • Evaluating rate revaluations

    14 March 2017

    Alex Jones urges the Government to move quickly to ensure the business rates system is fairer, more accurate and less volatile.

  • Will the figures actually add up?

    14 March 2017

    Michael Burton looks at key public finance issues highlighted in the Institute for Fiscal Studies' post-Budget briefing.