Emergency planning

  • Councils are critical to beating this pandemic

    23 November 2020

    Stoke-on-Trent was the first area to pilot new quick turnaround lateral flow testing. Here, council leader Abi Brown outlines what the technology is achieving and what is being learned from the trial.

  • In choppy waters, back districts to deliver

    03 November 2020

    The debate on local government reform must end now, ‘so that all areas can focus on the crisis in their communities’, argues chair of the District Councils Network Cllr John Fuller.

  • Report exposes local-national divide over pandemic

    02 November 2020

    Fractures between local and national decision-makers have been highlighted in a new report examining responses to the coronavirus crisis.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Leaked report warns sector less ready for Brexit transition

    20 October 2020

    Local government is less ready for the end of the transition period than it was for a no-deal Brexit last October, a Whitehall document leaked to The MJ has warned.

  • The strain caused by COVID is starting to show

    06 October 2020

    Lawrence Conway says the continued variations to coronavirus measures introduced by Government 'mean we have to be agile, flexible and quite often we must use our own local leadership and innovations to best implement and serve our communities'.

  • Let’s fix our connectivity dysfunction

    30 September 2020

    The Government is used to operating in broadcast mode rather than engaging in ongoing dialogue with local government, says Jessica Studdert, and she warns that without stronger connectivity, councils will constantly be on the back foot.

  • Personal resilience in tough times

    23 September 2020

    Drawing on her experience of dealing with the aftermath of terror attacks, Louise Neilan emphasises the need for senior managers to support their communities and teams, and themselves – especially during the pandemic crisis.

  • Streamline PPE funding for the sake of social care

    22 September 2020

    COVID-19 will continue to severely stretch the financial resilience of providers like Leonard Cheshire and funding must be urgently refreshed and streamlined,  says Hugh Fenn.

  • 'A really terrible time' for reorganisation

    22 September 2020

    There is never going to be a good time for local government reorganisation, says Paul Shevlin. 'There is definitely a really terrible time and this is it.'

  • Time 'lost' when centre and local at odds over COVID

    15 September 2020

    Effective global responses to COVID-19 depend on local leadership as the 'critical convenor' and time is lost when national and local authorities are  ‘at odds with each other’, according to international policy experts.

  • Whole-place approach for a COVID-ready city

    14 September 2020

    Globally, it has been shown that local leadership is the critical convenor in effective responses to COVID-19, say David Nabarro and John Atkinson, adding that time is lost where national and local authorities are at odds with each other.

  • NHS Goodsam app has proven its benefit in Middlesbrough

    21 August 2020

    Joe Carson describes how the NHS volunteer responder scheme has helped Middlesbrough Council reach many more people in need of vital support during COVID-19.

  • Councils advised to avoid term ‘lockdown’

    18 August 2020

    Experts have advised councils to avoid using the term ‘lockdown’ when discussing the reinstatement of coronavirus restrictions.

  • Pause, reflect and do better

    28 July 2020

    Dr Arianna Giovannini says there is a real risk that this new rhetoric of ‘empowering the local state’ could turn out to be a strategy to shift accountability and responsibility onto local government and away from Westminster.

  • Tackling the economic impact of COVID in the Morecambe Bay region

    28 July 2020

    Matt Williams outlines how South Lakeland DC is working with other councils and agencies across the region to help businesses and residents withstand the crisis.

  • We need to talk about this emergency and others to come

    27 July 2020

    As we move into the next phases of the COVID-19 response, the Red Cross's Norman McKinley looks at lessons learnt, and how to make sure access to food is central to emergency planning.

  • Delivering despite difficult odds

    07 July 2020

    Karen Bradford’s first 100 days as chief executive of South Kesteven DC started just three weeks before lockdown. Here, she looks back on what’s been achieved.

  • Government’s ‘top down’ approach hindering LRFs

    02 July 2020

    Poor communication by the UK Government of crucial changes to coronavirus policies is a central problem being experienced by local resilience forums (LRFs), says new research.

  • Ready for a restart?

    01 July 2020

    With local resilience forums being hampered by factors outside of their control, Solace spokeswoman for civil resilience and community safety Kirsten England asks if a complete reset is needed in central-local relations.

  • Time to give LRFs back some value

    01 July 2020

    The Government’s ‘top down’ approach has undermined local resilience forums’ ability to deliver local COVID-19 capabilities efficiently, say Dr Arabella Kyprianides and a group of specialist academics and former senior police officers.