Local elections

  • Arithmetic matters

    18 May 2022

    The new director of IPPR North, Zoë Billingham, speaks to Ann McGauran about taking on the role at a time of political and economic turmoil, and gives her verdict on how the Government’s flagship levelling up policy is shaping up.

  • The results reinforce the realignment of Britain's electoral geography

    11 May 2022

    Ben Page says 'nationally the Conservatives are hurting, but you wouldn’t bet against them winning again, despite "levelling up" being the policy area voters think they are worst at'.

  • Shifting local elections to the spotlight

    09 May 2022

    Dr Jonathan Carr-West says local elections represent a chance for people to express their views about national politics, but they deserve more than being treated solely as a backdrop to the Westminster soap opera.

  • Pondering the polls

    09 May 2022

    Peter Stanyon scrutinises how the polls went and turns his attention to the implementation challenges involved as the Elections Act 2022 comes in.

  • Conservatives lose nearly 500 seats in local elections

    09 May 2022

    The results are in for all 200 councils up for election, with the Conservatives losing 11 local authorities.

  • Government must rethink its approach to poor governance and behaviour in councils

    04 May 2022

    Solace supports all of the Committee on Standards in Public Life report's recommendations on standards in local government, but without Government action on sanctions this will never gain the traction required, says Graeme McDonald.

  • These elections are by no means a done deal

    03 May 2022

    Let’s hope that with the focus of this week’s vote, the Government redoubles its efforts to level up, and goes much further to protect people from economic winds out of their control says Zoë Billingham.

  • No major gains expected as local elections loom

    27 April 2022

    Labour and the Conservatives are unlikely to make any huge wins at next week’s local elections, insiders have suggested.

  • Why do we bother with elections?

    27 April 2022

    Forces beyond the control of the government of your country or local area will have a major role in determining what happens in your life, says Dan Corry. So why do we fight so hard for our right to cast our vote?

  • Calculating the complex equation of local elections

    27 April 2022

    If fear of failure at the local elections prompts action on the cost of living crisis, perhaps it is no bad thing – even if it doesn’t directly hand cash back to councils, says Heather Jameson.

  • Highways improvement comes top of pre-elections poll

    21 April 2022

    Half of Britons believe the improvement of roads and pavements should be prioritised, according to a new poll ahead of the local elections.

  • Councillors complain of lack of powers

    07 March 2022

    More than two out of three (68%) councillors in England feel they lack sufficient powers to represent the needs of their communities, a survey today by the Electoral Reform Society campaign group has found.

  • Rebooting council electoral services in Bracknell

    04 January 2022

    Ann Moore outlines why Bracknell Forest Council took the decision to invest in a technological end-to-end electoral management solution.

  • Former London borough chief Martin to Ealing

    10 December 2021

    Ealing LBC councillors will be asked to approve the appointment of former London borough boss Paul Martin as its new interim head of paid services.

  • Powers warning ahead of new deals

    07 December 2021

    A new report today warns areas reluctant to accept directly-elected leaders in the next wave of devolution deals may be offered ‘fewer powers and flexibilities’.

  • Elections are a family affair

    12 October 2021

    Andrew Seekings looks at how Cumbria is preparing for the electoral challenges of local government reorganisation as it plans for next year’s elections to the shadow authorities and beyond.

  • It’s now or never for modern democracy

    12 October 2021

    The electoral landscape is now ‘more crowded than ever’, while council resources have been ground down, says Laura Lock – and she warns that professionals do not have limitless capacity.

  • Johnson: Bring your devolution plans to me

    15 July 2021

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for local leaders to take their devolution plans to him in a keynote speech from the West Midlands this morning.

  • ‘Sweeping reform’ of elections required

    12 July 2021

    Election officers have warned of an electoral system that is in 'danger of failing’.

  • Model routes to democracy

    23 June 2021

    Dr Arianna Giovannini says Sheffield voters' decision to reject the strong leader model was a 'victory for democracy'. But Henri Murison rejects the case for committee decision-making while Cllr Tony Page argues for a hybrid approach.