Best Practice

  • Mapping out a bright future for Hampshire

    By Roy Perry | June 12, 2019

    Cllr Roy Perry outlines the work of the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry and its focus on maximising the benefits of technological advance and managing the impact of climate change so everyone can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

  • We’re making Slough a springboard for the UK

    By Josie Wragg | June 12, 2019

    Centre for Cities research has identified Slough as the second largest contributor to UK GDP after London. Josie Wragg outlines how a strategic property partnership has been central to a long-term plan to transform the town

  • Wigan’s fire within

    By Alison McKenzie-Folan | June 5, 2019

    A year ago, Wigan MBC commissioned its new cultural strategy. Alison McKenzie-Folan, explains how the arts are helping ignite excitement and spark creativity in the town.

  • Changing the system for cancer care

    By Ewan King | June 5, 2019

    Ewan King outlines how the Macmillan Local Authority Partnership Programme (MLAPP) is assessing the needs of people with cancer in a holistic way, with councils playing a crucial role as convenors


You may have missed

Barnsley hits back in battle for the high street

David Shepherd outlines why regeneration is so important for Barnsley and its night time economy, and how the town is fighting back against the apparent ‘decline of the high street’

Celebrating apprenticeships’ success in West Lancashire

West Lancashire BC has exceeded the Government's target for facilitating new apprenticeships. Kim Webber explains how this will help the council deliver its ambitions.

Meeting the needs of looked after children in Oxfordshire

The use of iMPOWER’s Valuing Care needs measurement approach in Oxfordshire has led to a better appreciation of the needs of looked-after children, says Lara Patel.

Collaboration is key in delivering the SEND reforms – a reflection on inspection

Organisations in Milton Keynes were described by Ofsted and the CQC as ‘united in their ambition for children and young people with SEND to achieve the very best outcomes’. Caroline Marriott reflects on the inspection.

Empowering the people

Sevenoaks DC has worked hard to embed a leadership culture and has its own masterclass programme to support established and aspiring managers. Jim Carrington-West describes the council’s unique approach

We’re delivering a digital Dorset

As Dorset Councils Partnership transitions into one new council, Penny Mell shows how the combined workforce organisation has focused on digital skills development with the aim of creating a digitally inclusive culture