Best Practice

30 hours make the difference

By Mark Sutton | August 13, 2018

Staffordshire CC is one of eight authorities piloting the Department for Education’s 30 hours scheme from September 2016. The scheme is proving successful in helping get back into work or take on more hours, writes Mark Sutton.

  • Assistance you can count on

    By Andy Begley | August 1, 2018

    Shropshire has been taking advantage of assisted technology to help deliver services across the county. Andy Begley looks at the benefits of tapping into the digital era.

  • Working to get our people up and running

    By Paul Najsarek | May 16, 2018

    Paul Najsarek outlines the ambitions of the West London Alliance work and health programme – a social and economic partnership involving Ealing LBC designed to support the community financially, in work and in health.

  • Warwickshire is at the heart of home improvements

    By Paul Smith | May 14, 2018

    A partnership between authorities in Warwickshire is one to watch when it comes to ensuring disabled people get the home improvements they need. Paul Smith explains why.  

  • Preventing terror: the perspective of two councils

    By Dan Peters | May 9, 2018

    The Prevent strategy against radicalisation has recently come under fire for being a top-down initiative. Dan Peters talks to two local authorities with diverse populations that both back Prevent as a means of targeting impressionable young people [..]


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‘No heroics – just solid leadership’

Attracted to the job of chief executive of Bolton by the ‘brilliant vision’ for the place, Tony Oakmam is working on the delivery of that vision. He tells Heather Jameson about some of the leadership role models that have inspired him throughout his career.

Taking the contracting challenge

It is widely recognised that commercial contracts and their associated relationships have a direct impact on service quality, the cost it pays and even its reputation. Eddie Gibson explains how one council is delivering a more effective service.

Meet Bradford’s high flyers

Bradford has been picked as one of only five cities in the UK to test and explore new applications using the latest drone technology. Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw explains how this will be used to meet local needs.

Mirror mirror

After an intense series of inspections and reviews, Cllr Iain Malcolm reveals how South Tyneside MBC benefited from the opportunity for reflection, and has moved forwards as an organisation.

Revitalising the forgotten borough

Sam Clayden talks to three key figures from Redbridge LBC about managing the massive changes in culture and infrastructure in a place traditionally known for being conservative – with a small ‘c’

Surrendering control can drive success

Mark Andrews argues councils should be less wedded to professional backgrounds in senior roles as he explains how empowering staff, rather than exerting greater control over them, allows for innovation to flourish.