• Getting both sides of the story.

    15 June 2022

    Clive Power looks at what is going wrong with the interaction between local authorities and the media and proposes some ways to make improvements.

  • Get ready for Teddy

    25 May 2022

    Diary loves to hear about council social media stories going viral.

  • Future Forum: Call for relational public services

    12 May 2022

    A relational approach can help councils connect with communities and improve services, according to a new report.

  • T’is the season (already)

    11 May 2022

    Just 226 shopping days to Christmas and Mansfield DC has finally unveiled the cast of its annual panto.

  • Grenfell council admits leadership was 'unable to cope'

    12 April 2022

    Kensington & Chelsea LBC has admitted to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry its ‘leadership was unable to cope’ in the days after the tragedy.

  • Getting creative with local government recruitment

    28 March 2022

    Catherine Malloy offers some tips on how councils can help people visualise themselves in local government roles and organisations, while promoting the culture and personality of their organisation.

  • Crisis planning in a time of change

    15 March 2022

    We are now considering the impacts that the war in Ukraine may have on our local places, alongside the cost of living crisis, says Kersten England. It’s time for the Civil Contingencies Act to pivot its focus, she believes.

  • Local government’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine

    08 March 2022

    Local government has a crucial role to play in how we as a nation stand by Ukrainians and resist a hybrid war being waged against us all, says Cormac Smith.

  • Once more with feeling

    23 February 2022

    Catherine Malloy offers her top tips on how to write external communications with empathy – and why it’s such an important and worthwhile skill.

  • Watch the birdie

    19 January 2022

    The skills required of a council communications professional are many and varied.

  • A genuine champion for Calderdale

    19 January 2022

    Mark Broadbent joined Calderdale MBC as a 16-year-old digital apprentice. His passion for the local area and stellar performance, particularly in response to the pandemic, led to his win in the Rising Star category in The MJ Awards 2021.

  • Building a trusting relationship with your community

    18 January 2022

    Increasing numbers of residents have turned to Sheffield City Council for trustworthy information after it adopted an email marketing platform, says Louise Gibson.

  • Venus arises in Sheffield

    08 December 2021

    Winter has truly arrived with a snowy and stormy blast across northern England.

  • Preparation is key

    06 December 2021

    Cllr Carl Jackson outlines how Buckinghamshire Council is attempting to tackle the latest COVID-19 challenge to hit the area.

  • Logos a go-go

    01 December 2021

    The latest league table to take the world of local government by storm is graphic designer Robin Wilde’s ‘totally objective’ ranking of council logos.

  • Lyrical littering

    20 October 2021

    Crooning superstar Adele has released the video for her hotly-awaited new single Easy On Me.

  • Beyond carrots and sticks

    07 October 2021

    Andy Woods ponders the rise of ‘influence government’ at a local level, looking at what can be learned from the behavioural economics playbook and at the ethical considerations.

  • Delivering public health post-pandemic

    14 September 2021

    Dr Sakthi Karunanithi and Stephen Young look at what if anything the experience of dealing with the pandemic has taught us over the last 18 months and ponder the public health mission ahead .

  • Becoming a trusted news source for care in Scotland  

    23 August 2021

    Jenny Copland of the Care Inspectorate discusses how putting simple measures in place before COVID-19 hit enabled her team to share crucial updates with care professionals.

  • Don’t panic! We’ll still collect your bins!

    16 August 2021

    Brian Norris and Rob Bradshaw look at communicating budgetary restraint in local government. Clarity, transparency, and a clear focus on residents’ priorities are key, they say.