• Our chance is now on climate change

    24 February 2021

    The penalty for not using our new pandemic mindset doesn’t bear thinking about, says Gill Kneller. 'With climate change, there won’t be another chance. Our chance is now', she adds.

  • Making things better

    22 February 2021

    If we had more time to step back and think, and less pressure, what would we be building and how would it be better? Professor Donna Hall asks the question.

  • Councils call for extra cash for expanded shielding list

    17 February 2021

    Councils have called for more access to data and extra cash to deal with sharp spike in the number of people shielding from coronavirus.

  • Starting from the wrong place?

    15 February 2021

    The first White Paper on NHS reform in nearly a decade confirms England will be covered by statutory integrated care systems. Ann McGauran canvasses local government sector experts on the contents.

  • Councils complain about vaccine diversion

    25 January 2021

    Frustrated council leaders have urged the Government to restore their expected coronavirus vaccine allocations after restricted supplies caused delays to the rollout.

  • Pushing for real reform

    20 January 2021

    The pandemic was a game changer for the central/local government relationship, says Joanne Roney, who has started her two-year stint as president of Solace.

  • We’ll support councils to end homelessness

    15 January 2021

    Last week’s call by the Government for councils to redouble efforts to bring ‘Everyone In’ is timely and essential, says Rick Henderson of Homeless Link.

  • PM wants councils to ‘lead the fight’ on vaccinations

    14 January 2021

    The Prime Minister has promised councils will receive data on the COVID-19 vaccination programme in their areas within days.

  • The NHS must harness the strengths of districts

    12 January 2021

    Cllr John Fuller says that while the NHS delivers the vaccinations, districts can 'help shape the ecosystem, build trust through familiar settings, bring in hard to reach communities', and more - 'a partnership in place'.

  • Warning over integrated care plan

    11 January 2021

    Proposals to merge health bodies into larger regional integrated care systems (ICS) are ‘in danger of missing the real prize of collaborative place-based leadership,’ councils have warned.

  • Why I refused to support discharging COVID positive patients into our care homes

    08 January 2021

    Leader of Enfield LBC Cllr Nesil Caliskan explains why patients with COVID must not be admitted to the borough’s care homes during the second wave.

  • Councils asked to 'redouble efforts' on rough sleeping

    08 January 2021

    English councils have been asked to ‘redouble their efforts’ to help accommodate people sleeping rough, with the Government finding an additional £10m funding.

  • Give local councils freedoms on workforce vaccination

    06 January 2021

    Councils need the freedoms and flexibilities to determine which parts of their workforce should be prioritised for vaccination, whether they fit the official ‘key worker’ definition or not, says Paul Najsarek.

  • Major incidents over COVID declared

    04 January 2021

    Major incidents have been declared for London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire amid fears the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases could overwhelm health services.

  • Council backs calls for new national lockdown

    04 January 2021

    Liverpool City Council has called on the Government to introduce a new national lockdown to stop the rapid spread of the new strain of coronavirus.

  • Call for vaccine rollout improvements

    21 December 2020

    Leaders at Telford & Wrekin Council have called for the speed at which vaccinations are being rolled out in the area to be improved.

  • 'Bitter disappointment' greets tiers review

    17 December 2020

    Millions more people are facing tougher restrictions from this weekend in an effort to curb a rise in COVID-19 cases in the east and south east of England.

  • A well-deserved break for the workforce

    16 December 2020

    Even the Government’s most fervent supporters must admit its response to the pandemic has been muddled, says Michael Burton. In contrast, local government has risen to the challenge.

  • Where now for the economy?

    15 December 2020

    Uncertainty about the future has reached extreme levels, says Dan Corry. The mystery as to the Government’s instincts on economic and fiscal policy will probably remain, even as Brexit is sorted one way or another and vaccines come on stream.

  • London enters tier three restrictions

    14 December 2020

    The Government’s timetable for COVID-19 tier reviews has been pre-empted with the imposition of extra restrictions on London, Essex and Hertfordshire.