• Reflections on 2021

    15 December 2021

    Julie Towers looks back on the past 12 months, anticipates what will be in store in the new year and assesses how the sector needs to adapt to keep up with the pace of change.

  • A step on the journey

    13 December 2021

    The arrival of long-awaited social care White Paper is exciting, or would have been, had there been £15bn to put its vision into effect, writes Caroline Abrahams.

  • HMJ: Council chosen to pilot anti-obesity app

    08 December 2021

    A new app that rewards people for healthy behaviour will be piloted by Wolverhampton City Council.

  • Making our homes digital-ready

    07 December 2021

    The Housing Learning and Improvement Network has identified ten principles to include in a technology strategy for any project spanning housing, health and social care. Jeremy Porteus explains.

  • The social state

    01 December 2021

    COVID-19 restrictions may have been lifted but a new report by Demos and Capita, launched at The MJ Future Forum, revealed people are less likely to make and build new relationships now than they were in the first lockdown.

  • A unique moment in time

    01 December 2021

    At The MJ’s recent Future Forum, BT outlined the immense opportunities digital and online services are currently offering councils – and the chance for true innovation must be taken.

  • Can local government continue at this pace?

    24 November 2021

    Managing Director and Client Partner for Capita Local Public Services Paul Abraham says that now is a great opportunity to rethink how we deliver services to citizens.

  • More than just blah, blah, blah

    09 November 2021

    As COP26 draws to a close, Heather Jameson reports on a Local Partnerships webinar, where some of local government’s leaders on climate change discussed what they were doing to avoid a crisis.

  • How virtual reality is helping to tackle domestic abuse

    12 October 2021

    Gita Hargun, Service Manager for the Families Together Hub at London Borough of Redbridge, discusses how virtual reality can be used as an intervention tool to help reduce domestic abuse cases.

  • The digital journey: From baby steps to giant rewards

    17 August 2021

    Councils embracing smart technologies are making better use of the data they already hold and transforming the relationship with local communities, says Civica.

  • Sharing the tech journey

    17 August 2021

    Councils across south London are collaborating through the Internet of Things project to test ways technology can bring practical benefits to residents and to businesses. Cllr Sunita Gordon and Cllr Stephanie Archer explain.

  • An artificial business solution

    17 August 2021

    Blair Mcpherson says that if organisations are driven by cost and efficiency they will be led by AI, but if they are driven by values and ethics they will be led by humans.

  • Simplicity and invisibility

    17 August 2021

    Nick Sacke looks at some of the ways local government can deploy Internet of Things solutions to streamline processes and make life better for users.

  • Eight post-pandemic digital trends for 2021 and beyond

    03 August 2021

    Tim Pitts outlines eight post-pandemic digital trends. He says that one thing is clear; ‘The COVID-19 legacy will be far reaching across local government’.

  • Why the Local Land Charges Register is a crucial step forward

    28 July 2021

    The Local Land Charges Register is creating the conditions for data to become a valuable standardised and accessible asset rather than a burden on councils, says Scott Goodwin.

  • The value of licensing tools for councils

    27 July 2021

    Nicola Ray offers advice to councils on the best way of collaborating with an external tech supplier to improve digital systems’ standards and safety as they move from legacy to cloud.

  • Council cyber-attacks rocket

    23 July 2021

    Cyber-attacks on UK council remote workers increased by 213% during the pandemic, Freedom of Information Act requests have found.

  • How digital disruption can deliver better futures

    21 July 2021

    Disrupting youth crime and exploitation through technology provides a chance to find and support the vulnerable and achieve radical change, say Dr Carol Homden, Amanda Kelly and Tim Aldridge.

  • There's never been a better time to consider the future role of councils

    21 July 2021

    We now have a golden opportunity to build on the lessons learned during the pandemic and elevate our organisations so they are 'even more interventionalist, proactive and relevant come 2030', says Nicola Beach.

  • Future Forum North: How do we put the heart back into local communities through place-shaping?

    07 July 2021

    In a session organised by Capita, leading experts on regeneration discussed the future of town and city centres after the pandemic.