• Call over Chinese CCTV firms used by three-quarters of councils

    04 July 2022

    Human rights concerns have been raised over Chinese CCTV firms linked with almost three-quarters of the UK’s local authorities.

  • Post-pandemic planning for the core cities

    18 May 2022

    Chief executives and directors from the UK’s biggest cities debated their challenges and opportunities in a round table discussion organised by Core Cities UK and The MJ, supported by BT. Paul Marinko reports.

  • What do the ONS figures for March public sector finances mean for councils?

    06 May 2022

    The pain of inflation will be particularly felt across local authority budgets, says Leo Hanna, but with increased investment into technology today councils will be able to drive future cost efficiencies.

  • Closing the digital skills gap

    04 May 2022

    Simon Collinson looks at how to widen the talent pool and bridge the digital skills gap in the UK public sector.

  • Is wind power the next step in delivering net zero?

    03 May 2022

    Martin Barnes discusses the intensifying pressures being placed on local authorities to reach ambitious net zero targets, and how these can be achieved through the use of small wind.

  • Zero progress on climate but devo can keep things on track

    20 April 2022

    The Levelling Up White Paper’s relative silence on net zero represents a huge missed opportunity – unless the devolution genie is quickly let out of the bottle, writes Grace Newcombe.

  • Putting purpose before profit for our children

    20 April 2022

    Dominic Campbell says it’s time to build ventures that can put purpose ahead of profiteering – and fostering is just one of the areas being tackled by a new not-for-profit co-conceived with local authority partners.

  • Levelling up: the digital challenge

    12 April 2022

    The MJ and BT recently held a round table debate with nine leading council chief executives from the Midlands and the North to debate the challenges and opportunities from the digital revolution. Michael Burton reports.

  • Rebuilding Ukraine

    12 April 2022

    Emmet Regan looks at how Ukraine could be rebuilt, with the UK leading the way in post-war reconstruction and transformation, to offer a renewed sense of hope.

  • Dundee: the UK’s best-kept life sciences secret

    11 April 2022

    Dundee is mapping out the young and dynamic city’s economic revival through its approach towards the development of life sciences, says Cllr John Alexander.

  • The digital and the democracy

    23 February 2022

    The new chief executive of Adur and Worthing Councils, Dr Catherine Howe, has a unique perspective on both technology and democracy. She tells Heather Jameson why she is looking to the horizon.

  • It’s time for local leaders to unleash their creativity on levelling up

    09 February 2022

    The lack of a central roadmap in the Levelling Up White Paper offers a unique opportunity to local leaders, Georgina Cox and Marc Kidson of PA Consulting.

  • Public data is the water to quench our thirst for levelling up

    07 February 2022

    Local areas can benefit from harnessing and crunching unstructured, anonymised public data from the web and social media, says Keren Pakes.

  • Six steps to preparing your council for the future of work

    02 February 2022

    David Burrows of Faethm outlines the workforce planning strategies that local government must develop to match skills to councils’ current and future technology-driven requirements.

  • Reflections on 2021

    15 December 2021

    Julie Towers looks back on the past 12 months, anticipates what will be in store in the new year and assesses how the sector needs to adapt to keep up with the pace of change.

  • A step on the journey

    13 December 2021

    The arrival of long-awaited social care White Paper is exciting, or would have been, had there been £15bn to put its vision into effect, writes Caroline Abrahams.

  • HMJ: Council chosen to pilot anti-obesity app

    08 December 2021

    A new app that rewards people for healthy behaviour will be piloted by Wolverhampton City Council.

  • Making our homes digital-ready

    07 December 2021

    The Housing Learning and Improvement Network has identified ten principles to include in a technology strategy for any project spanning housing, health and social care. Jeremy Porteus explains.

  • The social state

    01 December 2021

    COVID-19 restrictions may have been lifted but a new report by Demos and Capita, launched at The MJ Future Forum, revealed people are less likely to make and build new relationships now than they were in the first lockdown.

  • A unique moment in time

    01 December 2021

    At The MJ’s recent Future Forum, BT outlined the immense opportunities digital and online services are currently offering councils – and the chance for true innovation must be taken.