General Election

  • Greens to push for council tax revaluation

    14 June 2024

    Elected Greens will push for a re-evaluation of council tax bands to ‘reflect big changes in value’ since the 1990s, the party has pledged in its manifesto.

  • Labour manifesto pledges Right to Buy curbs

    13 June 2024

    Labour has opened the door to reining in Right to Buy in its manifesto today.

  • Labour pledges to fix one million potholes

    12 June 2024

    One million potholes a year will be fixed if Labour is elected on 4 July, shadow transport secretary Louise Haigh has said.

  • Councils could face taxing challenge after election

    11 June 2024

    Whether it be council tax or other charges, the more freedom councils are given to raise revenue locally the greater the risk of strain in their relationship with local people, says Paul Marinko.

  • More than a million apply for vote

    11 June 2024

    Council elections teams are facing a workload surge as they race to register voters in time for the General Election.

  • The climate crisis is not a political choice

    11 June 2024

    Neil McInroy offers his international perspective on the climate crisis, and he fears ‘the UK and many local council areas are under far more threat with more economic consequences than politicians seem to realise or acknowledge’.

  • Conservatives pledge business rates retention expansion

    11 June 2024

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged to create business rates retention zones as he launched the Conservatives’ General Election manifesto today.

  • Pondering productivity

    11 June 2024

    When councils are being asked to finalise productivity plans, the sight of a Royal Mail employee delivering the writ for the election reminds Ian Miller that 'Westminster and Whitehall still have something to learn from local government about efficiency and productivity'.

  • A letter to the new PM

    11 June 2024

    Steve Leach and Colin Copus write to the next Prime Minister with ideas for strengthening local government, including offering councils complete freedom to agree council tax levels.

  • What next?

    11 June 2024

    Overall there is plenty of sense in what Labour has promised – as ever the challenge will be execution, writes Ben Page.

  • Pitch perfect for the future

    11 June 2024

    The time is ripe for local leaders to prepare pitches for projects that can make a difference in their areas, writes Greg Clark.

  • Labour pledges to ‘fix our broken housing market’

    07 June 2024

    Labour would bring back council house-building targets and hire new officers to deal with the backlog of applications if elected, deputy leader says.

  • Let's start again

    07 June 2024

    The next government will have to reset the relationship with councils and establish an equal partnership between local and national government, says Cllr Kevin Bentley.

  • Hunt rules out ‘expensive’ council tax revaluation

    06 June 2024

    Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has pledged that if elected a Conservative government would not undertake a council tax revaluation.

  • Nine in 10 councils back net zero duty

    05 June 2024

    Almost nine in 10 councils have backed the introduction of a statutory net zero duty.

  • Time to all pull together for a joined-up future

    05 June 2024

    Camden LBC leader Georgia Gould – the Labour candidate for Maida Vale and Queen’s Park - wants stabilised funding and central, regional and local government pulling together in the same direction. Heather Jameson says: 'Is it too much to ask?'

  • Mission: Possible

    05 June 2024

    Work is underway to develop a practical solution, in collaboration with local authorities, for delivering big changes in how local government services work. Theo Blackwell and Andrew Greenway explain.

  • Time for serious discussion of resources

    04 June 2024

    With local government able to impact on some of the country's most pressing challenges, the sector must feature more prominently in the plans of those vying for power at Westminster, writes Nicole Wood.

  • EXCLUSIVE: LGA starts to shift on standards

    04 June 2024

    Senior Local Government Association (LGA) figures expect the organisation’s long-standing reluctance to beefing up the standards regime to shift after the General Election, The MJ understands.

  • The new Government has the chance to reboot the long-outdated council finance system

    04 June 2024

    Without more support we can expect another 20 councils to be added to the list of those receiving 'exceptional financial support' over the next year, so it will be a priority for any new Government to get funding into councils, Says Graeme McDonald.