Public health

  • Tackling obesity

    21 July 2021

    Robert Sullivan shares his thoughts on how the success of England’s national team can be harnessed by councils to inspire people to play more football and lose weight.

  • Meeting bereavement with compassion

    20 July 2021

    Losing a loved one is hard enough, but councils are failing to make it easier for those who have to access public health funerals, says Lindesay Mace. 

  • Vaccinated social care staff no longer required to self-isolate

    19 July 2021

    Health leaders have been left divided by the Government’s announcement that fully vaccinated social care staff and NHS workers who have been told to self-isolate will be allowed to continue working.

  • Local government funding cuts have ‘probably cost lives,’ study warns

    15 July 2021

    Cuts in local government funding over recent years have probably cost lives and reduced life expectancy, academics have warned in a new study.

  • Designing the future of care systems

    13 July 2021

    During the pandemic we have all learned that working online is more than just moving the existing processes online. How we work and even what we do needs to be designed for the medium. We recently supported a design workshop with a number of authorities and the consensus was very clear that design methods have come on leaps and bounds in placing the customer at the centre, some are less effective at determining whether we have built the future we need.

  • UK should emulate Biden - Marmot

    09 July 2021

    Public health expert Sir Michael Marmot has urged the Government to follow the lead of US President Joe Biden to level up the UK.

  • Local lockdowns not ruled out beyond July 19

    07 July 2021

    Local lockdowns are still a possibility if COVID variants of concern emerge after restrictions ease on July 19.

  • ‘Something’s got to give’

    07 July 2021

    Death rates from COVID-19 in Greater Manchester are 25% higher than in England as a whole, says a new report. But is its framework for ‘Building Back Fairer’ likely to trigger real change? Ann McGauran reports.

  • Whitty warns of tough times ahead

    06 July 2021

    The life-changing effects of COVID-19 will continue to be felt for many months to come, Professor Chris Whitty has said.

  • Counties can do the strategic and the local

    05 July 2021

    The strategic abilities of local government to deliver national priorities locally and the real localism counties have shown could be a positive pandemic legacy, says Cllr Tim Oliver.

  • Stepping up to the surge

    30 June 2021

    Hounslow LBC mobilised swiftly when the borough’s surge area status was announced, says Kelly O’Neill.

  • A diverse approach to tackling vaccine hesitancy

    30 June 2021

    Cllr Khtija Malik outlines Luton’s multi-layered approach to tackling vaccine hesitancy within some communities, and says more help is needed from the Government to help the town bounce back from the ravages of the pandemic.

  • Nudging communities to flourish

    30 June 2021

    Kingston Stronger Together has been at the heart of the COVID-19 response. The council is now using nudge theory to widen support further, say Joanne Moulton and Daniel Green.

  • COVID concerns prompt council to return to meeting virtually

    29 June 2021

    Cheshire West & Chester Council has threatened to ignore the Government edict to return to face-to-face meetings due to COVID concerns.

  • Councils need more data for test and trace, says watchdog

    25 June 2021

    Local authorities’ involvement in test and trace has improved the service – but councils still need more data, the National Audit Office (NAO) has said.

  • We must stop the Treasury tail wagging the Government dog

    23 June 2021

    Graeme McDonald senses 'much of Whitehall has a greater understanding of our challenges than for many years, but is handcuffed by the inflexible, rigid approach imposed by a shortsighted Exchequer'.

  • Sturgeon and Burnham in travel ban spat

    22 June 2021

    Political leaders in Scotland and Greater Manchester have been involved in angry exchanges following the imposition of a travel ban.

  • Government to impose new air pollution targets

    18 June 2021

    The Government will increase funding to local authorities and impose new legal targets on air pollution in a bid to prevent further deaths.

  • McArdle to replace Wilkins in COVID role

    14 June 2021

    Former Lincolnshire CC chief executive Tony McArdle will take over as director of contain at the Department of Health and Social Care’s test and trace service.

  • LGA questions funding to tackle COVID-19 surges

    11 June 2021

    Councils have voiced concern over funding to tackle COVID-19 in areas hit by the Delta variant.