Council backs calls for new national lockdown

By Laura Sharman | 04 January 2021

Liverpool City Council has called on the Government to introduce a new national lockdown to stop the rapid spread of the new strain of coronavirus.

The council warned that COVID cases have reached ‘alarming levels’ after they trebled in the past two weeks across the city.

Acting mayor, Cllr Wendy Simon, said a new national lockdown, coupled with mass testing, was the only way to slow the spread of the new strain of the virus.

Cllr Simon and cabinet member for public health, Cllr Paul Brant, said: ‘We need the Government to listen to those at the frontline - both in our hospitals and frontline services.

'We as a nation can cope with a lockdown.

'We have before and we can again.

'The quicker we move into one now, the more lives will be saved and the quicker a recovery will be.

’Yes, there will be pain for our retail and hospitality sectors, but they want long term security and a strong recovery and a lockdown provides both.

'An additional package of welfare and economic support will also be needed, especially to protect the most vulnerable.’

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