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  • Slough’s services put children first

    By Ann McGauran | July 10, 2021

    In April, Slough’s independent children’s services trust became wholly owned by the council. Josie Wragg and Tony Hunter talk to Ann McGauran about their rapport and shared vision despite the local authority’s hugely challenging financial position.

  • ‘You’re going to get hit sometime’

    By Dan Peters | July 10, 2021

    A candid case study reveals that Redcar & Cleveland BC is still recovering from the impact of last year’s costly ransomware cyber attack. What are the lessons learned? Dan Peters reports.

  • ‘Something’s got to give’

    By Ann McGauran | July 8, 2021

    Death rates from COVID-19 in Greater Manchester are 25% higher than in England as a whole, says a new report. But is its framework for ‘Building Back Fairer’ likely to trigger real change? Ann McGauran reports.

  • Getting on with it

    By Ann McGauran | July 7, 2021

    Sarah Longlands has returned to CLES – the Centre for Local Economic Strategies – as chief executive. She’s scathing about the Government’s approach to levelling up and believes it’s time for local places to seize control of their own destinies. Ann [..]

  • A step in the right direction

    By Ann McGauran | June 29, 2021

    In the wake of Kent CC’s move to encourage a fairer share of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children among other councils, Ann McGauran talks to key figures about what needs to be done and whether the voluntary national transfer scheme can help in its [..]

  • Keeping children in sight

    By Dan Peters | June 22, 2021

    Last week allegations of ill-treatment at a children’s home in Cardiff were in the spotlight. Dan Peters talks to sector experts about whether the system of inspection is failing.

  • Why women lose out in the workforce

    By Ann McGauran | June 16, 2021

    Women were already off to an unequal start before the pandemic. Now the clock could be turned back even further, says the Centre for Progressive Policy. Ann McGauran investigates.

  • Care for life

    By Professor Martin Green | June 11, 2021

    Claims the Government put a protective shield around care homes were ‘complete nonsense,’ according to Dominic Cummings. Martin Green says the focus being on the NHS ‘wreaked havoc, destruction and sadly many avoidable deaths’.

  • Unpicking the pilots

    By Paul Marinko | June 8, 2021

    The Government’s quick reversal of its stay local guidance in new variant surge areas has led to calls for clear messaging from the centre, says Paul Marinko. He also looks at the rationale behind pilot initiatives to enhance self-isolation rates.

  • Battling the new apocalypse

    By Heather Jameson | May 27, 2021

    Local government is besieged by the pandemic, digitalistion, the economy and the impending fiscal crisis; issues leaders will need to continue to find answers for. The Leadership Centre’s Joe Simpson talks to Heather Jameson.

  • COVID dogmatism helps nobody

    By Jim McManus | May 26, 2021

    The next stage of the UK COVID strategy will be more challenging, but ‘waiting for a perfect answer before acting can kill,’ warns Jim McManus.

  • Change is in the air

    By Heather Jameson | May 26, 2021

    In anticipation of its forthcoming report on councils and net zero, the National Audit Office asked a round table of local government experts hosted by The MJ what they were doing on climate change – and what they needed from central government.